Sunday Afternoon Blog

It's another weekend and I am here in Kasagingan to check some emails, checking my social networks and to do my blogs. I'll be suming up my week in several separate blog titles.

grand ma's birthday

Personal Events: Grandma's Birthday
September 28 was a special date for me because its my grandmothers birthday (Happy Birthday Lola). We are gonna celebrate her birthday today because it's a Sunday.

The Programming Mind

When I was still in college, I always like the idea of programming because of the cool softwares (web stuffs) that we can develop from it (*Sigh, electrical engineering was also cool before I learned computers). I may have learned web developing on my own by researching on the net and some proper training by attending short courses in web developing but still the I am envious of the fact of some of my colleagues are "experts" in Visual Basic, .NET, C#/C++ , Java and other programming languages that is known. The desire to learn was and still is running through my head, yet patience has been one of my weakness when in terms of learning stuffs that I barely understand (though I got through learning HTML, PHP and Javascripting).

Persiverance is now my motto when I think about learning programming.

To start off, I am downloading some open source Development IDEs (Integrated Development Editors) particularly Eclipse IDE and Aptana WEB IDE since I'm planning to some programming (for non-uber geeks, Eclipse is a versatile software editor for developing Java, C++, Ruby On Rails, PHP and other open source projects).


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