NFL Fantasy Football -- Week 8

Patriots and Colts continue and now have the big clash of the undefeateds ... Bills on a win-streak ... Rams and Dolphins continued their losing ...

Shopping -- Gotta Do It

To many shopping is a recreational activity. To some, shopping is a task of inconvenience and vexation. Shoppers sometimes are early adopters. Sometimes buyers feel ripoff-ed. Sometimes shoppers get caught up in a scam. And some are shopoholics.

Tipping -- Out of Control?

the culture of tipping is as complex as ever.

1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit - The Aftermath

The Blogger's Summit was really a great experience because I was able to meet some of the fellow bloggers that I only meet online. Some of the personalities that meet are Abe Olandres of and Bob Martin of There are some who I have known for a long time like Chris Cubos (he now owns a restaurant named Fwendz Diner here in Davao) and Chikai of

Hopefully next year if the summit is still held in Davao, I might join again.

Live Blogging Here in the 1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit

Attending the 1st ever Mindanao Bloggers Summit was great experience. The morning session was symposiums by Councilor Pete LaviƱa, Mr. Bob Martin of and Fr. Albert Alejo, SJ.

Blogger Summit Backdraft

Live Blogging

The Afternoon session will be about how to optimize our Wordpress blogs for Top Search Ranking and some sessions with A-List bloggers like Abe Olandres (, Andrew Dela Serna, Bob Martin, Marc Macalua(SEO Philippines) and Jayvee Fernandez.

A-Lists Bloggers (L-R) Jayvee Fernandez, Marc Macalua, Andrew Dela Serna, Abe Olandres, Bob Martin

Bloggers United (Me on the foreground)

Broader perspectives

Let's raise our sights to focus beyond the U.S. What's the international perspective and what do you want to ask?
Survey Says:

Gameday USA

t's all about gameday. For American Football it starts on Friday night and runs to Moday evening. What do you do to prepare?
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Introduction: Feminist activists have been concerned with issues such as a woman''''s right of contract and property, a woman''''s right to bodily integrity and autonomy (especially on matters such as reproductive rights, including the right to abortion, access to contraception and quality prenatal care); for protection from domestic violence; against sexual harassment and rape; for workplace rights, including maternity leave and equal pay; and against other forms of discrimination.

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This Really Funny: How to Commit Suicide Like A Real Man

Watch this animated graphic. Its really funny

2007 Major League Baseball World Series: Colorado Rockies vs. Boston Red Sox

For those of you who are Baseball fanatics, The World Series is up and Game 1 will be played tomorrow at Boston, Massachusetts. The participants will be underdog Colorado Rockies against the Major Leagues best team, the Boston Red Sox.

Majority for sure will bet on the Red Sox because they are a consistent team, their pitching staff is one of the best in baseball which includes Josh Beckett, Tim Wakefield, Jonathan Papelbon, Eric Gagne and Curt Schilling.

I also betting on the Red Sox to win their 2nd championship title in 3 years.

Fantasy Football -- Week 7

US Election 2008 -- Will the War matter?

5 Little? Expenses

Sunday Afternoon Blog: Bonding with Venice

Hello everyone, my latest post would be focused on my experiences as a father to baby Venice. Its been two weeks and the more days has passed, the more she becomes an "angel" to me. As always there will be times that she wakes up and cries on the wee hours of the morning. It's natural because baby usually feed every 4 hours or so. My lack of sleep is not an excuse for me not to go to work by 8AM because ako ang padre de pamilya .

I'm not complaining about the hardships because it part of being a responsible parent to take care of their children what every the cost. 'Till next time.

Body Piercings ... More than Fashion?

Make Money Answering Surveys

dNeero helps bloggers make money by filling out surveys and have the option to post their answers in their blogs with an additional pay. And each survey by the way wouldn’t take as much time.

The payment for every answered payment would be credited to your PayPal account. You even have the option to donate your earnings to dNeero’s charitable institutions.

According to the rules, you are only allowed to answer five surveys a day. So just choose from the social issues survey you are interested to answer.

To start earning money from surveys, click this link.

Happy survey!

Thanks Mackoy for this Idea.

Twitter. What's that all about?

Fantasy Football Week 6:Patriots continue ... so do Bills and Falcons ... one is smiling, the others aren't

Sunday Afternoon Blog: Responsible Fatherhood 101

Since my baby came to this world, I have been a hands on dad, from changing diapers to bottlefeeding her every time she's hungry. Today was my first time to bathe her. It was greet feeling that I took charge on bathing her instead of her mother.

As of this writing she's now sleeping like a princess.

Weekend Blog: SEO Training & My Wife's Birthday

Two things that had me been busy on this day: the start of the SEO training and my wife's birthday. I am very excited on join this training because it develops my skills and knowledge about Search Engine Optimization which is an essential aspect of web development nowadays.

After the SEO training I proceed to head home early to celebrate my wife's birthday with my baby Venice.

My Little Bundle of Joy

At long last the wait was over. My little bundle of joy was born October 6, 2007 at exactly  6:56AM by Normal delivery. We named her "VENICE MARIE". She weighed 6.14 lbs and EXTREMELY CUTE.

CSI Episodes Streamed at

To all of you CSI fans who have been waiting for the start of season 8, you can watch the full episodes on by internet stream. So sa lahat ng nag-aabang kung mabubuhay pa ba si Sara you can watch it here.
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