AddThis Bookmarking Buttons for blogs

You might have notice that there is a social bookmark button found on each of my posts.

That's because I've added codes that I got from AddThis,com. Not only that they provide the bookmarking button for almost all types of blog platform but also they will provide you with some statistics on how many times your blog is being bookmarked.

For those of you who are using blogger,com you can add the bookmark button by registering first to Then to insert the codes, select 'Template' --> 'Edit HTML', then copy-and-paste the code below into the template, right after the < div class='post-footer' > tag. Note: be sure to check the 'Expand Widget Templates' checkbox first. When you are done, click 'Save Template'.

If you can't find the tag, copy the template code into a text editor (e.g. Notepad, etc), and search for the 'post-footer' string. You might also want to save a copy of the original template before changing it.


fashionchronicles said...

thanks a lot! it worked perfectly :)
and i´ve been trying to do that for a while now...

(check out the glorious result!

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