Some Blogging Tips That Worth Trying

If Only Blogging Were Easy…
I was reading some of PinoyBlogero's post when one of his post caught my attention. He posted about tips on how to get a lot of topics your blogs depending on the niche you are into. Personally this really helps because my niches are usually about "web development", "graphic design", "search engine optimization" , "blogging" and of course "heavy metal music".

Here are list down his tips:

  • Feeds - Subscribing to blogs that you find interesting or within your niche

  • Blog Aggregator - is an example of a blog aggregator

  • Google Alerts - Google Alerts is a nifty feature from Google that alerts the user if there are newly indexed posts under a specific keyword

  • Twitter- Some bloggers make use of Twitter to twit about their new posts or interesting articles that they have discovered

  • Mailing Lists - you find any interesting groups or community on yahoo or google, you can susbcribe to their mailing list.

  • Forums - forums are one of the best possible sources that every blogger should hunt down, people like to disc


Aice Nice Concepts said...

sige try ko eto ^_^

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