Sunday Afternoon Blog: Managing RSS feeds and blog commenting

Last Night was our company's 1st year anniversary and because I was excited to blog about it, I made a last minute blog about it before I went to sleep.

Managing RSS Feeds:
As of late, I have been revisiting blogs and websites that I'm very interested in to like some of my friends's blog and some of the blogs/websites relating to web developing, SEO and graphic designing.

My iGoogle was my first RSS aggregator that I use but since more blog/websites that I like to follow, my iGoogle now has become crowded so I resorted on install Feed Demon on my laptop to manage the RSS feeds. Though I will still use iGoogle for my sports news and blogger friends' blog update, new RSS feeds will now go through my Feed Demon client application.

Blog Commenting
I haven't been doing some blog commenting as of late because of my busy schedule at work so I took this opportunities to do some blog commenting on some my friends' blogs as well as on some of the blogs which have web development niches.


Aice Nice Concepts said...

gani... accidentally one pair of my crutches was thrown away from our place un roof top to the other side of the building ... basa basa bah tanawa akong post tanan... gi tagalog ko baya para walay reactions...

"yes tama nabasa nyo nahulog niya crutches ko pero alam ko naman hindi niya sinasadya (kasi kasi kasi) eh naguusap at nagbibiroan lang naman kami... we all didn't notice may gatla pala yung protective wall sa roof top at doon lumusot yung crutches ko when Cesar swing his arms to tell story..."

ikaw bah waz nag basa tanan bah T_T

copy ko pictures ^_^ namo ni elvie ug uban...

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