Adding all my Micro-blogging Widgets

I got so amped-up when I learn that microblogging (e.g. Twitter, Plurk, Jaiku and Pownce) are one of nice ways to off-page SEO your blogs/sites. So today, I signed up to Jaiku and Pownce and in-syncing them to Twitter (since Twitter is my first micro-blogging service that I signed up).

you can read all my micro-blogs on my sidebar.

Manny Pacquiao is now the New WBC Lightweight Champion

Another championship belt is added into Manny Pacquiao's collection as he wins the WBC Lightweight championship over David Diaz by knockout on the 9th Round. Congratulations Manny Pacquiao for being the 1st Asian boxing Champion to win 4 titles on 4 different weight classes.

Mabuhay ka, Manny!

New portal page for CNSQ Online

Having several website, blogs and online accounts is very tiring for me to write every URL whenever I try to do some link building. So I come up with this perfect idea of creating a portal page for CNSQ Online and have all my website, blogs, social media account URL all in one single web page.

Updated:You can view my of my portal page here

Been busy doing "Social" -ization

You might ask why the title of my latest blog post is like that, well for the past week since my last post, I have been busy updating my social networking sites, social bookmarking services, social media sites and social newsfeed site. HoowaaH! that's a lot of social on those statements.

Why I did this? because I been using social media as way increase the internet traffic on my blogs and websites (so far I'm still waiting for the results).

If you wanna add me on your social media sites just visit my links section of my personal website and my Mashable site. Also you can add me on my Secondbrain account.

Got My Own uMobile Sim

When I first heard about uMobile, I got curious when some of my online friends post on Twitter about it. I asked one of theme what is the uMobile all about. So I visited the site which is on

According to the site, uMobile is the first ad‐funded mobile service in Asia. They find brands that sponsor your load so that you can text, call and surf the web at no cost to you as well as earn rewards, freebies and discounts.

Well isn't that nicegid. Someone will sponsor my load. Without hesitation I got myself an invite code (which is being generated on the site but you have to hurry up because it is only limit ( as of my last visit there are only 400+ invite codes left).

Finally after weeks of waiting , my uMobile has arrived.

Offshore Drilling - You want it?

As gas prices continue to increase, Congress continues to blame others while ignoring practical steps to stop the pain Americans are feeling at the pump. To lower gasoline prices and reduce our dependence on foreign oil, we need real solutions to our energy challenges.

Citzenship For Sale? (Immigrant Viewpoint)

What if the United States began charging for the legal right to immigrate? Nobel Laureate Gary Becker (University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business) came up with the idea. Becker's not trying to eject illegal workers; in fact, he said, they could pay to stay. The idea is to upend the existing black market that exacts a high price for illegal immigrants -- some who pay with their lives.

Happy Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 1st Wedding Anniversary and I would like to thank my wife, Jeanie for being supportive wife and a good mother to my lovely daughter.

Happy Anniversary Dear! I Love You!

Home Computer Security

No matter how a home computer is connected to the Internet, intruders? attacks are often successful. Many home computer owners don?t realize that they need to pay attention to computer security. In the same way that you are responsible for having insurance when you drive a car, you need to also be responsible for your home computer's security.

Personally I really give attention when it matters likes this.

Father's Day Celebration

Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day by taking my Father to lunch at Gerry's Grill. We went there early as we anticipate that there will be a lot of people celebrating the event.

The Family

Me Enjoying my post main course meal, A club sandwitch

Grandma's Internment

Today was a very emotional day for me and the family as we took my grandmother to her final resting place beside my late grandfather who passed away some two years ago.

It was a very emotional atmosphere. The mass was held at the 2nd Chapel (the farthest location on Davao Memorial Park) as there where 2 other interment ceremonies held at the same time.

Rest in Peace Lola Amelia, We love you and We will miss You.

Friday the 13th: the Trivia

Today is Friday the 13th and some people take considerations of this particular day because the "bad luck" that it brings. Personally I don't believe in this type of a superstition because I believe that The Higher Power is much powerful than any "pamahiin" or superstitions.

But for trivial purposes here is an article from about Friday the 13th:

Friday the 13th is considered a day of bad luck in English-, French- and Portuguese-speaking countries around the world, as well as in Austria, Germany, Estonia, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Republic of Ireland, Poland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the Philippines.

Similar superstitions exist in some other traditions. In Greece, Romania and Spanish-speaking countries, for example, it is Tuesday the 13th that is considered unlucky. In Italy, it is Friday the 17th.

The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia,[1], a word derived from the concatenation of the Greek words Paraskeví (Παρασκευή) (meaning Friday), and dekatreís (δεκατρείς) (meaning thirteen), attached to phobía (φοβία) (meaning fear). The term is a specialized form of triskaidekaphobia, a simple phobia (fear) of the number thirteen appearing in any case.

HammeRuler ... It's new, really new!

We often come across products that initially look like a good idea, but then we realize that the inventor, producer, and marketer really haven't asked those that will use it to get involved in the development. So, we're going to avoid this mistake -- with your help, of course.

Where's Your Loyalty?

Brands don't compete directly with each other when they are in different brand categories ... but they do compete for your attention, money, and loyalty.

What Is A Grandmother? a tribute to my Lola

It's been two days since my grandmother died last Monday evening and I am still sad that she passed away, though I am happy that she's one with our Creator and my Lolo will never be lonely in the afterlife.

Here's a poem which I dedicated to my late grandmother.

What Is A Grandmother?

A grandmother is a remarkable woman.
She’s a wonderful combination of
warmth and kindness, laughter and love.
She overlooks our Faults, encourages our dreams,
and praises our every success.

A grandmother has the wisdom of a teacher,
the sincerity of a true friend, and the
tenderness of a mother.
She’s someone that we admire, respect and
love very much.

A grandmother will always have a cherished
place in our memories and in our hearts.
She’s someone for whom we want every happiness
in return for the joy she always brings.

A grandmother is all the dear and precious
things in life…
When she’s a grandmother like you.

Love You Lola, Rest in Peace.

The 50 Worst Sex Scenes in Cinema

It's been a while since my last post because of a busy week, I stumble upon this site where they compiled The 50 Worst Sex Scenes in Cinema.

I admit that I have seen some of these scenes specially the one on Crank on which Jason Stantham did Amy Smart in public just to keep his heart pumping.

If wanna see all 50 scenes then you just follow this link

Sunday Afternoon Blog: DVD watch [updated]

I was thinking of doing a another DVD marathon yet there are some things that I have to do, so I was limited to one movie. And I chose "21(the Movie)".

Update: I was able to squeeze in another movie watch and this time, It's a cyber-thriller title "Untraceable".

21 was based on a true story about the MIT Blackjack Team in which composed of students from MIT goes to Las Vegas every weekend to play Black Jack using card counting to win every game.

Complete Synopsis of 21 the Movie

On the other hand Untraceabl is a film which involves a serial killer who rigs contraptions that kill his victims based on the number of hits received by a website ("") that features a live streaming video of the victim. Millions of people log on, hastening the victims' violent deaths. Diane Lane plays the protagonist, a cybercop named Jennifer Marsh, who pieces the mystery together, at great risk to the personal well-being of herself and her family.

Complete Synopsis of Untraceable

Finally Found the Perfect theme for my Multiply

I finally found the perfect theme for my Multiply profile. This theme relects my persona as a IT professional. If you want to check out you can click here

Plurk the newest microblogging craze

If you are in micro-blogging then you might heard of Twitter or Pownce. Now here another micro-blogging service that is joining the bandwagon and it is called PLURK.

Now what makes PLURK differ from Twitter (because I don't own a Pownce account so I'll use Twitter as my comparative object). Well at first the presentation of the "plurk" is somewhat arranged like a timeline.

Well I joined plurk because it another tool for me to promote my blogs and website aside from joining my blogger friends.

If you wanna add me as your plurk friends just follow this link

Print Screen Desktop Meme

I was a bit bored at work so I did a screenshot of my desktop. You might notice that my desktop is a Ubuntu desktop. Well actually I'm using Windows XP with an Ubuntu Theme and a Pokemon Wallpaper to boot.

Mac or PC?

I am planning to buy a new computer in future but I am still confused on which system should I buy. Should I buy PC and go with the Windows environment or should I try Mac?

Well it really goes down to what are my preferences. Since I'm a web developer and I am used to the softwares on PC, then PC it would be. How ever if I have the budget, I'll get both.

The Democratic Candidacy Race: the Final roundup

I just recently heard from the news that Hillary Clinton is hinting on becoming Sen. Barack Obama's running mate. Well all I can say is that they should be if they want unity within their party.

The Drupalism Project

Developing a website using Drupal was one of my goals as a web developer. And since I was able to discover as one of the best free webhosting service online, I used that one make a case study on Drupal which I called Drupalism.

Drupalism will be my personal experiment on Drupal development as I go deeper into its development as a full fledge personal website. The current version of Drupal which is version 6.2 has hindered me for a while because it still lacked the module for that version. When the time arrives that those "cool" module are now available, I can further enhance my drupal site. For now, updates are minimal but stay tuned if ever there is an update.

Sunday Afternoon Blog: Another DVD Marathon

Today's edition of the Sunday Afternoon Blog is another DVD marathon for me. The movies on my list are Forbidden Kingdom, Street Kings and The Dog Problem.

Of the movies on my list "The Dog Problem" is a much older movie because the movie was released on 2006. You can read more about Forbidden Kingdom and Street Kings on

The Dog Problem on the other hand is comedy about down-on-his-luck-writer named Solo (played by Giovanni Ribisi) who buys a dog in an effort to cheer himself up. But the dog brings unexpected trouble in a form of a womanizing photographer, a rich obsessive dog collector, a beautiful stripper, and a short-tempered loan shark who threatens to hold his dog for ransom. Then the dog goes missing and a comedy errors ensues.
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