Celiac Disease ... Did you know?

Celiac disease has been described as a rare disease of the small intestines in 1/135 individuals. It is screened by antibodies to serum transglutamase (ttg) an enzyme that transports an essential amino acid glutamine from the intestine to the body. A diagnosis is made by a small bowel biopsy. Treatment is a diet absent in wheat and cow milk. The glutamine in those substances may bind and react in the intestine.

Recently there has been information that autism might respond to a celiac diet and that vaccinations might contribute to the frequency of celiac disease. New tests and books have appeared about an epidemic of celiac disease (1/10) by a serum antibody to gliadin (wheat) or a stool antibody to ttg or gliadin (3/10).

The strictness of the celiac diet may influence the clinical improvement to diet. The disorders that are reported to improve include IBS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, sinusitis, arthritis, tremors, balance, and the range of ADD, ADHD and autism.


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