Why Facebookers love Mouse Hunt game

What makes Facebook users love this game a lot. Well it because of the excitement that it brings and the prices (special items and on occasion - $$$REAL MONEY$$$) that it brings.

The game is very simple: you only need to setup a good mouse trap by buying the best "base" and "trap" and the proper number of cheese so you can able to catch varieties of mice (including some price mice with special items and/or $$$$REAL money$$$$).

As of this writing I have a rank of Master 47% going to Grand Master having trap Setup of a Party Bot trap with a Polar base and Swiss Cheese to boot

And by the way after playing this game for a month or so, I was able to caugh a price mouse called Mobster Mouse worth $5 (of Superbrie+ Cheese, unfortunately).


Facebook Bot said...

Hey, you are so lucky, I play this game for more than a year but I didn't get anything!! Do you have any tips to catch Mobster mouse???

My site:

Engr. Cesar Noel said...

Actually its just PURE LUCK.. focus on using High luck setups b

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