Sunday Evening blog: A tribute to my aunt Emily

This latest blog post dedicated to my late aunt Emily who passed away yesterday. Her closest friend in Germany called my mother informing of her passing. As of this writing, the cause of her death are not yet clear as we are still try to get in touch with my cousin online. For now I could only pray that her soul may rest in peace and join our beloved Creator. I would like to share this poem by Chad R. Kornegay entitled Hate to See You Go


I love to see you smile,
I hate to see you go,
I wish I was with you
since the first rooster crowed.
You have always been in my heart
even when times were tart.
You have always been #1
even when times weren't fun.
I hope to see you
again one day
I know that you are watching over me
even when skies are gray.
I can still see your face
when I shut my eyes
and all I can think about
is why?

Why did you have to go?
It was all too soon.
I wish you could come back
so I could say "I LOVE YOU!"

Source: Hate Too See You Go, Aunt Poems


Anonymous said...

It's very sad news...
THanks for sharing this poem.


Anonymous said...

I liked this thank you.

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