The Holiday Season and the Year in review

The holiday season was a time for me to relax, bond with my family and to catch up with blogging on some of my blogs as well as celebrating my birthday.

2009 was great for me because I am more involve on blogging events. I also recently attended a photojournalism workshop which was organized by the Davao bloggers with local photojournalist conducting.

I am looking forward for more upcoming blogger events as well as photography workshops if possible.

New Blogging Project: iTouch Blogger

I recently acquired an iPod Touch 3G (32 GB) and I use it to listening to my favorite music, to watch some TV series and movies on the go, listening to podcasts and to catch on my social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and of course blogging thru that very device.

As a result, I decided to create a new blogging project called "iTouch Blogger" which will talk about the iPod Touch and the iPhone, the applications and the concept of mobile blogging.

I will updating that blog mostly from the iTouch itself and will only do designs updates thru my laptop.

Celebrating my Birthday with Friends

Although my birthday was on December 24, i decided to celebrate my birthday two days after with some of my closest friends on Felis Resort at Matina Aplaya, Davao City.

Those who attended my birthday celebration where my officemates Aubrey, James and Ricky as well as my wife's best friend (and my daughter's godmother) Vanessa.

I would like to thank you guys for attending my birthday celebration.

24's Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa Claus

Since we are in the Christmas holiday spirit I found this viral video of Santa being interrogates as a suspected terrorist by Jack Bauer (of the TV series "24").

Davao Bloggers Election and X'mas Party

Last night I attended the Davao Bloggers X'mas party which was sponsored by Avatar Media, Lachi's Sans Rival and Cignal HD TV. The during the event, we also elected the very first set of officers for the "DAVAO BLOGGERS" community and here is list:

President: Ria Jose(Life with Ria)
Vice President: Dulce Lada (Padd Solutions)
Finance Officer: Dr. Charles Ortiz (Ortiz Dental Clinic)
Auditor: Brendel Balaga (BloggingFrenzy)
IT Officer: Andrew dela Serna (
Logistics Officer: Lyle Santos (Thinking Out Loud)

After the election of the officers, we had some raffles with prices included stickers and shirts from Mozilla Firefox, Wordpress pharapernalias, CableYoyos, and the grand prize which is a free 3 month subscription of Cignal HD TV kit on which Andrew dela Serna won (lucky you).

the Avatar media people also unveiled two news sites and an upcoming ad networking service for us Davao bloggers. is the most comprehensive aggregator site of Davao-based blogs. There you will find updates on blogs about Davao as well as the latest from blogs that are authored by Davaoeños and My Davao Jobs is another site from the Avatar media which is a jobs directory dedicated to job openings in Davao City and the Davao Regions: Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, and Davao Oriental.

I will be uploading some pictures later today so watch for those

Photos courtesy of Avatar Media and Meiyah Laborte
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