Plans for the future of CNSQ Online

It's been a long while since my online portal CNSQ Online needs a major revamp since there are a lot of nice things that I wanna add to this portal page. I'm also planing to add a twitter feed on one area I want to do it without using any CMS system (Wordpress, Modx, etc. ) since I want to sharpen my web designs skills learning HTML 5 along the way.

But before I go into coding, I must design a good mockup since as they say "first impressions lasts"

Celebrating Valentines with my Family at the Entree

My family celebrated Valentines Day (and Chinese New Year) by having dinner at the Entree at the Apo View Hotel. The place is full as expected but we where able to get a table (which at the time extended into their Cafe Josefina section for we where seated). The food that where served was superb in my opinion. After the dinner, we decided to do some photo sessions around the hotel as a remembrance.

And by the way, I looked up for the recipe of Pan-Fried Potato Cake with Onions and Bacon: Potatoes Lyonnaise and posted on my other blog Food Trip ni Cesar

New Orleans Saints are SuperBowl Champions

(image courtesy of yahoo sports)
The game was very exciting and I would like to congratulate the MVP Drew Brees and the rest of the New Orleans Saints for winning SuperBowl 44 against Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts.

Recap of SuperBowl 44
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