Update, updates and more updates

Oh what work can make you busy and almost forgot to blog, but hey blogging is part of my system (well at least I still blog despite the hectic work and family time on which I have no complains). Well as an update I will blog about my latest updates on some of my projects which includes my Castle Age Squidoo Lens (which I now regularly update due to the fact the the game is constantly updating) and upcoming update for my Mousehunt tips Squidoo lens because of the new updates the game developers have made today.

I also plan to create a new niche blog about TV series that I follow. I still have to conjure a title for that blog as well as the platform that I will be using (either blogspot or another self-hosted wordpress are in order).

That will be all for now. Have a nice day
Oh by the way follow me on Twitter for my latest update.


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