Let the Summer Begin in April

Now April is here and as of this writing the "April Fools Day" has also passed a was fortunate not to receive some pranks but the real essence of the Month of April is the Summer "vibe". Since school year mostly ended around the 3rd week of March, most of these students has now passed the college test and enter the REAL world (which is evident of the increase workload of our HR officer and my workload as a training and development officer). For some of you might wonder, where am I last March? To tell you honestly I've been busy doing weekend workshops to some of our existing agents as a part of our skills enhancement and retention program (which most company do to stay competitive) and even though it's April, daily work will still continue (except on the third week which is Holy Week and we expecting a much lesser workload by that time).

Work aside, I have updating my social media presence via Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and my latest craze GetGlue and Instagram since these services can now be enjoyed on a portable capacity via my smartphone, and other gadgets. Blogging took some neglect on my part but I always remind myself to write a blog post when I have the ample time and inspiration to write. As of this writing I have made some updates on some of my blogs and I would like to list the latest posts:
That would be list for now but there will be more updates to come.
As always I would like to thank my friends from TLA for that wonderful gifts that you give to me every end of the month ;) 


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