My Personal Reasons Why I prefer an Android Phone over the iPhone

We all know that the ongoing conflict between two mobile phone giants Samsung (and other Android based phones) and Apple battle over sales dominance and personally it comes down to personal preference. 

Why an Android phone?

Here are several reasons why I prefer an Android phone over the more popular iPhone:

Google Services are much faster

I'm an avid user of Google services (Google Maps, GMail and Google+) and these services are a bit slow (particularly Google Maps) on the iOS environment on which I was disappointed. Having these services as native apps on the Android ecosystems makes it more faster and (in Google maps' case) more accurate.

Custom Launchers, Keyboards and Widgets

Another reason why I prefer an Android phone is that it allows customization of its launcher and keyboard (unlike in the iOS on which you have to resort on "jailbreaking" your which is cumbersome and sometimes can brick your phone when note done correctly). Widgets are valuable because they give you an at-a-glance look at lots of different kinds of information and quick access to valuable apps and configuration settings(see 15 Android widgets that will make iPhone users jealous).  Imagine checking your twitter by just swiping to the next window on which the twitter widget is running in background.


Here's a reason that focuses on practicality. Consider this scenario: if your iPhone rans out of battery power on an area on which electrical outlets are not accessible (outdoor travelling, etc.) you will go bonkers because you can change batteries! while most Android phones give you the ability to change batteries which makes more flexible.

Expandable Memory

Apple sells their product with three different memory capacities (16, 32 and 64GB) with each capacity having different prices ranges. an Android phone has only single price for each phone variant but it gives you the flexibility to increase your memory up to 64GB aside from the internal 16GB or 32GB memory (which can prevent bloating your phone and and possibly lag your phone due to too much memory load).

So there are the major reason why I choose an Android Phone over the more popular iPhone. This blog is nothing against Apple since I do like some of their products (the iPad and the iPod Touch) but when in comes to a mobile phone, an Android phone is my personal choice.

Must Have Urban Fantasy Audiobooks

I have been an audiobook advocate for quite some time now as I listen to the narration of a book while doing work or other tasks. If your into the Urban Fantasy / Paranormal genre, I have listed the best audiobook everyone should have on your portable media players.

1.) Dresden Files by Jim Butcher - I am a die hard fan of this series and the narration by actor James Marsters was likeicing to the cake. Marsters is superb on his vocal talents while narrating on most of the audiobooks (Marsters was not able to narrate for "Ghost Story). Aside from Marsters narrating, the story itself is great and I dare to say it's much better than Stephanie Meyer's Twilight or J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter (oh well I'm biased).

To date, the series has 13 audiobooks with the upcoming book entitled "Cold Days" coming in November.

2.) The Hollows / Rachel Morgan series by Kim Harrison - Here's another series that has a similar theme with Dresden Files. The protagonist is a witch/bounty hunter with a living vampire and a foul mouth pixie as business partners. They hunt paranormal criminals for bounties in an alternate universe version of Cincinnati. As with Dresden Files, this series has a good combination of action, some drama and a good dose of comedy/dark humor. The series was narrated by Marguerite Gavin who like Marster, was the best for this series.

To date, the series has 10 audiobooks with the upcoming book entitled "Ever After" coming in January 2013.

3.) Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep - Elemental Assassin is another alternate universe urban fantasy series that you would like to listen to. It is story Gin Blanco was a mercenary elemental assassin who seeks revenge on her family's killer who she later learn that it was the city's most powerful elemental.

The series was narrated by Lauren Fortgang, another favorite narrator of mine because of her "southern accent" that best fits the storyline. To date, the series has seven audiobooks.

4.) Riley Jenson Guardian series by Keri Arthur - Riley Jenson Guardian series is based in Australia and the protagonist is a half vampire / half-werewolf who work as a "guardian" which is a paranormal equivalent of the FBI. She also has a powerful 1000 year old vampire for a lover and an 800 year old vampire for a boss. This series has a great combination of romance, paranormal action and some comedy.

The series was mostly narrated by Angela Dawe. To date, the series has nine audiobooks.

How to Buy Cheap Art Supplies

Sometimes it is positively terrifying to walk into an art supply store. The prices are enough to give anyone a minor heart attack. What can you do though? You need pastels and paints, sketchbooks and brushes and an assortment of other things. Well, over the years I 've discovered different ways of finding cheap art supplies. First it was out of necessity because I was an art student, but even now I ca n't stomach the idea of spending 100 dollars on a box of pastels. 

The best place to find cheap paint is at your local ironmonger or paint store. Ask the clerk if they have any "mistints" or "oops" paint. These are approximately 9.00 per gallon and the pint size is around 3.00-4 .00 per pint. Sometimes they also have discontinued colors that are on sale. Chinese ink is another very inexpensive product which you can find in art supplies stores. Not all of the products are expensive!. 

It's not always fun, however a great place to find art supplies and craft supplies is in your local Salvation Army or the corner thrift store and even at garage sales. Depending on what kinda an artist you are, whether you are a painter or sculptor, you can find great hand me down craft supplies, someone else's old thread and wool collections, costume jewelry and bead collections, nails, vintage buttons and the list goes on! You can get these collections for a few dollars! If you go regularly you get even better deals because the store clerk becomes familiar with you. 

I enjoy working on paper rather than canvas. Many years ago I was always cringing as I went to the art supply store to buy a sketchbook. I finally realized that I could buy great paper from any office supply store. However the sizes were limited. Then a friend told me about a Paper Warehouse, this is where all the printers in the city get their paper from. The one I go to has a cash and carry office where they sell discontinued papers altogether different sizes!

Job Posting: OutsourceOK is hiring IT Professionals

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Traditional Art Not Yet Dead

Digital Art has been the "in" thing nowadays since the dawning of the iPads and the full implementation of the internet. Most people will use computers to express their creative arts and traditional arts are practically "dead". Well I beg to differ since not all arts can be adapted in the digital world and also there's always a sense of "creative high" when you do your creations on paper or canvass or whatever traditional medium. 

This I realize when I enrolled my daughter last summer in Arts and Crafts class and boy I was impressed how my daughter can create great paintings and drawings. The teacher told me that she has some creative potential and she suggested that she can enhance more creative skills if we do some more creative designs at home. Upon hearing that I immediately search affordable art supplies online since I want the best tools for my daughter's creative growth

Summer is almost Done

It's been a while since a posted an update on this personal blog of mine because of several factors. One of those is my new blogging project entitled Fictional Books blog which is a fantasy / science fiction book review site as well for digital reading tips. I usually post my review after reading an e-book or listening to an audiobook. 

Aside from my e-book reading and reviewing, I have been busy helping my daughter with Arts and Crafts summer class. I am proud to say that she has the creative skills for a four-year old even her teacher was impressed.

Kingkiller Chronicles - A Possible New Fantasy Movie?

Not since J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of The Rings have any newepic fantasy movie that has dominate the box office and as a epic fantasy book reader, I been thing thinking which among the latest fantasy books can Hollywood adapt into a movie and then came to mind Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles.

For the those who don't know, the Kingkiller Chronicles telling the autobiography of Kvothe (pronounced like "Quothe" but with a v), an adventurer, arcanist, and famous musician. The plot is divided into two different action threads: the present, where Kvothe tells the story of his life to Devan Lochees (known as Chronicler) and Kvothe's past, where most of the story is located. 

Having reading the first two books, The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear, the story has some elements of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series (during the time when the protagonist tell his story during his time on the university learning the "arcane arts) and some impression of Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire (the concept of the protagonist telling his autobiography).

I'm not sure if any Hollywood film production has acquired any film right to this story but surely enough once mr. Rothfuss complete the the trilogy, it won't be long that a film adaptation will be on the works. 

Audiobooks: My latest fictional books tool.

I have been reading fictional books (technically e-books in my iPod) for several months now and I really getting a hang of it. Adding my recent discovery of good audiobook version of my said e-books has increased my interests on reading fictional books more. Several audiobook series that I really follow are Jim Butcher's Dresden Files which is narrated by former Buffy The Vampire Slayer star James Marsters (aka Spike),  Richelle Mead's  Georgina Kincaid paranormal romance series (which is narrated by Elisabeth Rodger) and my latest favorite, Jennifer Estep's Elemantal Assasin Series (which is narrated by Lauren Fortgang *I love the way she narrates with the sexy southern accent).

Although not all audiobook versions of my favorite books are great and somewhat have a "hit or miss" thing. Some of of the audiobook has different narrators on each series which for me is a not a good thing as it breaks the vibe of the series. 

"Experience Life Now" - a Davao in a Minute Video

Our company joined the "Davao In A Minute" video entry entitled "Experience Life Now" and we would like to share the link to the video.  To all my avid readers please do LIKE the video

Planning Your Diet With Low Carb Shake

Everybody knows that a necessary protein shake aids in supplementing your a diet by allowing the individual to intake top-notch necessary protein. Nevertheless, not everybody recognizes that shakes have diverse quantity of carbohydrates.

Precisely what are carbohydrates? In its least complicated form, carbohydrates will be the primary source of power for our body. That they either burn in the event that off immediately, or even keep it in the form of excess fat to use later. The second part is a bit frightening for anybody on a diet. Sugars keep fat to make use of later. So, it implies that if they would not in use, they stay inside the body, as well as fat triggers to achieve weight. To be able to combat this restored extra fat, people have to take low carb shakes. This particular small treasure will certainly aid anyone remove unwanted fat and maintain that from coming back.

These types of low carb shakes have high levels of protein which can be detected in lean meats. These proteins help with eliminating unwanted fat by simply speeding up our body's metabolic processes. Metabolism is spelled out as "the amount of electricity the body burns to keep itself." With this explanation, if the system has rapid metabolic rate, it is functioning tougher to create energy, consequently, since unwanted sugars remain as body fat, the more fat one's body needs to eliminate.

Alright, so the body offers eliminated the fat, what's keeping it off? That is the benefit from the proteins originating from high protein low carb shakes. They will precisely support the physique to feel comprehensive more often so it won't require snacking among meals or taking in more than we normally eat.

Moreover, these types of low carb shakes will support the physique maintain its weight if the carbohydrates sum is low, then a fat or sugars content is low additionally, therefore the body provides less to reserve while fat.

Keep in mind, using these low carb shakes, the body is getting rid of unwanted fat, and maintaining it energize the complete day, as well as preserving off the fat. Using this, people will be able to shed some pounds and are capable of working everyday without including treats

Audiobooks Can Help You Be a Better Person

Maybe you have discovered the increase in rise in popularity of mp3 audio books these days. Similar to published textbooks, audio books come in each and every style coming from selfhelp fictional books, sci-fi, biographies, spiritual, thrillers and much more. One of many most effective developing types associated with audio books continues to be self-help as well as personal development courses audiobooks.

Selfhelp mp3 audio books are available in many groups such as imagination, conditioning, cultural knowledge, inspiration, individual development, making love and also interactions, strain administration, good results, time management techniques, along with non secular headings. Presently there is indeed a design regarding selfhelp audio books pertaining to every person's requires.

There are several fantastic creativeness headings offered. These may incorporate this kind of best while Bob Chemical Maxwell's Pondering on a regular basis which in turn shows 12 ways in which effective individuals tactic lifestyle as well as function. An execllent audiobook is actually entitled The best way to Feel Just like Einstein simply by Scott Thorpe which usually shows strategies utilised by Einstein as well as other prodigies employ to be expanded his or her head.

A new most popular conditioning audio book writer is actually Medical professional Nicholas Perricone which usually is an expert about how your overall health could affect the way your visual appeal. Additionally, there are fantastic wellness mp3 audiobooks about common diet plans just like Low carb as well as the Zoom diet plan.

An extremely sensible audio book to help you together with sociable abilities can be 300 Appointment Queries through John p Veruki. Veruki's audio book is essential to arrange anyone that will be ready for an interview or fresh higher education students. Yet another advantageous mp3 audiobook to help you enhance social expertise is how you can Get the Way throughout Thirty seconds by simply Milo Chad. This particular mp3 audiobooks educates the way to get the way throughout A few seconds as well as the reason why it is crucial. Plus it offers the analysis for you to support it.

One among the best peak performance mp3 audio books in recent history could be the Miraculous associated with Considering Huge through Doctor. Jesse Schwartz. This kind of basic has been designed in 1959 as well as concepts keep correct these days. Generate. Schwartz educates any particular one doesn't need to get a great cerebral as well as involve some a unique natural expertise to become a accomplishment, yet exactly what you need is usually to find out as well as comprehend the practice of pondering along with acting with techniques that may help you arrive.

There are several private expansion mp3 audio books to select from. They could result from a number of popular individuals viewpoints much like the Dalai Lama's guide The ability of Passing away. In addition there are contemporary timeless classics such as Eckhart Tolle's Entrance for you to Currently.

You will find sexual intercourse and also connection audio books through numerous viewpoints. They are able to range between experts such as the traditionalists Generate. Laura Schlessinger's audio book 12 Silly Items Young couples Do in order to Screw up Relationships, to be able to Making love within the Area copy writer Greg Behrendt's common e-book He has Hardly Which Straight into Anyone.

Just about the most common time management planning mp3 audiobooks will be Ken Blanchard's Your On-Time, On-Target Director. It becomes an interesting tale which in turn shows the best way to conquer stalling and also boost productiveness.

In addition there are some good faith based headings on the market just like the Objective Pushed Lifestyle by simply Priest John Warren. This particular uplifting publication enables you to determine your identiity and what's The lord's incredible policy for your health. It becomes an audio books that everybody should pay attention way too, if you live not really a Alfredia.

And there is this kind of huge assortment and the like good quality self-help mp3 audiobooks around, you can actually realise why they may be this type of strike. Among the best reasons for these people is when effortless it's to merely organize them in the particular Compact disk gamer or perhaps ask them to packed for your mp3 player and you then can easily tune in to these if ever you would like. It is usually an easy task to participate in the mp3 audio book an extra as well as next time and energy to truly digest and also find out it's training.

Right now you don't need to get a mp3 audiobooks while publications in mp3 and you also need not travel up to the actual shopping mall to get your audio book as being a Disc. Today, the easiest method to locate an mp3 audiobook is actually on the web. Mp3 audiobooks readily available for download for fast entry throughout cd file format away from the internet. Following getting your current audio book, you'll be able to get involved in it on your laptop, burn up the idea to some disk, as well as insert the idea for your ipod device or perhaps music player. It is as simple as that will. An execllent characteristic is always that saved audio books are near a small fraction of the expense associated with grouped together audio book Compact discs through the shop.

With your a fantastic various self-help mp3 audio books, along with getting audio books more quickly and cheaper after that each ahead of, big event then it's time that you simply found out just how effortless it really is boost your live and eat playing audio books also?

Why Personal Development Courses Are Good

Frequently you feel that there are something missing about you. An individual believed twice, although, you find no responses. It is not only you who's experiencing such a hazy fortune, 1000s of Americans are contemplating for a passing fancy queries in their own individual minds.

Personal development courses might give you a few answers, and these had been proven and tested by some individuals as successful means to enable oneself. These types of supply convenient tools in order to reflect on someone's advantages, weaknesses, and also areas with regard to improvements, in addition, they're a few of the least expensive ways one can enhance his aged personal.

There are different kinds of personal development courses based on what you ought to find out inside your character. One of these simple classes is made to enable you to efficiently tackle problems that can easily occur within your family, place of work, as well as inside oneself. One more course will help you uncover the invisible skills and expertise, such as your managerial and leadership expertise. Furthermore, other programs will certainly educate you on regarding how to increase your do it yourself via appropriate and suitable self care, environment a positive frame-of-mind in everyday life, and also your wellness.

Personal development courses will certainly transform a person right into a much better person. With the aid of specialist personality trainers, it is possible to plan and hang up an objective in your self, and also apply ideas that will condition your individuality inside a good way.

There are lots of internet sites which covers these courses and a lot of which will offer you a bundle, for instance a personality development class for a 7 days.

There are tons of ways to earning profits on the web, however nothing is sensible unless you get this amazing list. Email Marketing is the most profitable way to generate income on the web. Once you create a listing of warm and also starving potential customers or perhaps leads, an individual moderate your potential. Learn how to use the Internet as well as flip your personal computer into a cash gushing equipment. 

Blogging Tips: Get Focused or Fail

What’s the number one cause of failure and keeping you from getting totally focused? It’s one single, simple little word, but it can make or break you.


More people fail due to being and staying distracted. It’s no secret that a lot of big marketers want you to stay distracted so you’ll keep buying their next product to finally learn “the secret.” It’s kind of ironic that they do mention you need to get focused, but you most likely skim that part.

All successful people have one thing in common. It does not matter what their niche is, what business model they use, or what their product offering is. The one thing that they have, and you need to have, is focus. They don’t let anything distract them from working and building their business.

By having laser focus on their business building and working during their work hours, they have the luxury of having more free time. They are in control of their time. I know you’ve seen these guys posting pictures of their latest travels or vacation and you wonder how they can run a business and goof off so much. It’s because of focus. They focus on business when it’s business time and they focus on play time when it’s play time.

Temple Run: The Newest mobile Gaming Craze

The days of Plants vs. Zombie and Angry Birds is coming to an end as the newest mobile game is becoming the talk of country (at least in some of the local celebrity tweets). The game I am talking about is Temple Run.

Temple Run is addicting running game to which the objective of the game is to help an explorer steal an idol from an ancient temple and run away from malignant demonic monkeys. The object of the game is to run as far as possible by avoiding obstacles that require the player to either jump (slide finger forward), duck (slide finger backwards), or turn (slide finger to the right or left) in a precise manner. While all of this is happening, the player will be pursued by the "demonic monkeys". While playing, the player is required to tilt their device either to the left or the right to collect coins. These coins are primarily in the shape of a yellow diamond but according to their point value, they can also be a red diamond or a blue diamond, which is interpreted as a 2-point coin or a 3-point coin, respectively.

Temple Run is now a freemium game and is available in the iOS and soon on the Android devices.

Download Temple Run for iOS

12 Ways To Encourage Your Visitors to Stay

We all want more traffic, more loyal readers, and more sales. I know I do. For most of us our blog is the jewel we chisel our artwork into. We slave over making our website as good as we possibly can and dont want our work to go unnoticed and unappreciated. I know exactly how you feel and thats why Ive put together 12 ways to compel your visitors to stay.

Whether youre looking to increase your readers loyalty, improve your websites accessibility and friendliness, or build a community these tips will help you achieve your goals.

Blogging Tips You Want to Know

If you have not noticed yet, there are lots of haphazardly done blogs online. This is because the writers lack some good blogging tips. These blogging tips can spell the difference between a so so blog and a superiority one.

For starters, you will have to polish your writing skills. When it comes to blogging tips, this is usually the first consideration. If you can not write in a good way, nobody will want to read your stuff. Part of the directory of blogging tips also includes the reason why you should blog. You can blog about anything and everything in the world. However, the second consideration spells out blogging with a purpose. In blogging tips, you must be aware that you need a market. This market will determine your audience.

Determining Audiences and Then Some.
Some blogging tips include finding out your niche. If you like to write about beauty, you could blog about your latest beauty finds. Or you can do reviews about products and services. In blogging tips, you need to remember that you want to please your audience. You want them to listen up and pay attention. You can easily do this by some marketing research about the current trends in whatever you are interested in.

Want to blog about music? Some blogging tips for music writers include being tuned in to the latest sounds. Additionally, and make sure you stay exposed to the many genres of music. This is so you can capture a bigger share of the market. People will want to read your blogs because you have extensive topics to cover. Are you interested in blogging tips to help you earn money? You should know that link exchange in blogging is one of the blogging tips you must utilize. Doing this will definitely bring in the dough.

It will also let your blog be on top of search results. If this happens, your blog will be visited by more thousands of people. If you follow these great blogging tips, you will surely be on your way to blogging success. All it takes is the first step, some dedication and focus, and the rest will follow eventually.

Mousehunt Tips and Strategies now on Blogger

With Squidoo handing me a warning that my Mousehunt Tips and Strategies lens is "too commercial" and might be flagged to be removed, I have decided that it's high time I move the contents from that platform into Blogger. You can not read the Mousehunt Tips and Strategies on its new web address
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