Changing Work Shifts: My First Two Months in My current work

Working for an International Information Technology company has its "highs" and "lows" (but mostly "highs"). I get to meet nice and interesting people overseas as well as improvement on my skills as a Web Developer/Graphic Designer as the work goes on.

Also I get to experience working on both day and night shifts, which REALLY is the most trying experience. Both shift have their pros and cons.

Me during Day Shifts

Day Shift: No body clock adjustment, you work all day, sleep at night. Simply as is. The only slight problems is that I can't do anything when personal requirements are need to tend to (like SSS, Philhealth, etc.) I have to ask permission to comply those.

Me and my workmates - My Night shift days

Night Shift: Body clock need adjustments, I can barely sleep on days (8 hour would be a miracle, 6 hours the most is I can do.). I would miss my wife (and baby :D) on nights. On the other hand, I can go to places and attend to appointments on the afternoon when needed(I'm asleep the whole morning). And the best of all the "Night Differentials"(extra pay for those wake-up on nights :D).

Now I'm back on Day shift. The reason? Paternal reasons. I'm expecting a baby in 3 month time. And my wife needs my attention during nights. As a soon-to-be father, I have an obligation to do. So I thanked my client for the consideration. Back to work for now...'til then.

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