My Blog got hacked because of a Virus

My Windows Operating system was infected by a virus named Worm.W32.Netsky and some of the effects of this virus is by "phising" on web services that needs your login info (blog, e-mail, etc.) and I just found out that a certain "Dr. Mark" has hacked my wordpress blog thru this effect (good thing I was able to fix the problem and change my password).

So what I did was download the fix and installed a professional 3rd party firewall software (Windows Firewall really sucked big time). But I suspect this is only a temporary remedy and I will continue on researching for a cure for this virus.

In the meantime I was fortunate though that my computer also has a Linux OS installed (as of this writing I am using the Linux OS for now.)

To those who wrote the virus...I million AMPF! to you.


ruther said...

awww...that sucks!!!

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