My PayPerPost Meme

What is PayPerPost?

PayPerPost is a website which helps content creators such as bloggers, videographers, podcasters and photographers find advertisers willing to sponsor specific content. The advertisers create opportunities that describe the content they are looking for. These opportunities are sometimes called blog ads. The bloggers then choose opportunities in their area of interest.Once the blogger has written a blog post or posted a video that matches the requirements, PayPerPost then reviews the post against its requirements and PayPerPost terms of service, and handles payment.

What is the reason why I signup for PayPerPost?

These folks pioneered the "get paid to blog" concept. Besides being the most popular paid blogging network, I've found that they always seem to have the most job opportunities available at any given time. PayPerPost pays bloggers anywhere from $5 to over $200 per completed and approved post.

Have I made new friends because of PayPerPost?

I met some of blogger friends through their posting of PayPerPost sponsored articles and blogs. They where the ones who encouraged me to signed up.

What are you going to do with all the money you earn?

Spend it wisely. Maybe I will buy a new laptop or any other stuff that I really like through online shops like or


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