Saturday Morning Blog: dNeero 2nd Payment and more

It's been a while since my last post because I've been busy at work and taking care of the baby because she has colds. Good thing she's getting better now and here are my plans for this weekend:

Watch some DVD's: Eversince my baby was born, I wasn't able to watch a good DVD since both me and my wife are busy taking care of her. And since this weekend I'm not that too busy I might as well watch a DVD or two.

Updating Blogs and Squidoo Lens: I have been almost a week without updating some of my blog so I'll be doing this also.

Defense of The Ancients and Dopewars on Facebook: Honestly speaking, this social network has been our addiction at work because of the the various fun application it has specially Defense of the Ancients game that almost all us in the office are crazy about.

Also I recieved my 2nd payment on my dNeero post and on other paid reviews.


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