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Here's a post from one of my blog friends which talks about how to increase your blog traffic. I did try some of his tips and it really works. For details you can follow this link.

Printscreen Meme

I just recently installed a FlyAKitOSX theme for my Windows XP unit at work. I really love the Mac OSX desktop environment.

Run, Walk, Show ... How Do You Use Running Shoes?

Run, Walk, Show ... How Do You Use Running Shoes?

"These are my new shoes. They're good shoes. They won't make you rich like me, they won't make you rebound like me, they definitely won't make you handsome like me. They'll only make you have shoes like me. That's it."

~ From a Charles Barkley commercial

It's Been A While...

It's been a while since my last blog post. It is due to the fact that I am getting busier nowadays because I'm now a trainer and when I reach home I get to bond with my baby daughter more. Good thing though that I still have the blogger in me and post an update.

Let's Talk About Cars

Red Lambo  Diablo

Autos are a means of getting from one place to another, a place in themselves, a right of passage, a status symbol, a monthly payment, and a mouth to feed.

Been Busy all week...

Since becoming a part-time web developer/trainer, I got so hectic at work that sometimes I forget to fix my favorite coffee and doing blogging during break time. Good thing I get to blog at night when I get home.

The Sexy Name Coder

I stumbled upon this website that creates an acronym of each letter of your name. Here is the site's description:

Name Decoder is an online quiz with just one question: what's your name? Our name generator will reveal your Sexy Name and create an avatar for your MySpace or other web page so you can share it with the world. It's like an online game that's all about you!
So tried it and choosed the sexy namecoder and enter my name "Cesar Noel" and I got this:

Charming Exciting Stud Adeptly Rendering Naughty Orgasms and Erotic Loving

Get Your Sexy Name


Make A choice, Any Choice

We blast through our lives and make an enormous amout of decisions ... some important, some not ... is indecision a choice or a failing?

A Day with the Company VIP's

Yesterday, Our President and CEO paid a visit in our branch to have some meetings with us in the administration. We had a long conversation with sir Danny regarding some of my upcoming training activities that I will conduct soon. Aside from the meetings we also had our lunch out with the VIP's at the RoadHouse Restaurant in SM City Mall and our diner at Dencio's Hilltop.



Sunday Afternoon Blogging: My Weekend in Review

What A week it have been. We are preparing for the upcoming arrival of our President and CEO on Monday and also doing some screening tests for the applicants. Lots of Administration meetings. I still have some task for my client and for my trainer. We'll that's my life now as a part-time Web Developer / Training and Development Officer.


Do you understand your dreams? How often do you dream? these are just the some of the question being asked on this survey so check it out.

The Promotion

Job Promotion
Last Wednesday (Feb. 13, 2008) we had an company general meeting in which would usually talks about issues within the company and some new changes are now being implemented. One of the change is me being promoted from Web Developer to Training and Development Officer. It's a nice challenge for me. I was introduce on both works shifts (It was almost 11PM when I arrived at home).

I will be handling new applicants rather than clients. For this I can impart the standard skills of a web developer and designer because of the demand for quality web development service. I thank our Branch Manager and the President for their confidence in me and for the promotion.

Happy Valentines Day!


R U a dNeero Reseller?

We're glad to announce the launch of the dNeero Reseller Program. This program allows you to sell Social Surveys to businesses and organizations. You'll earn 10% of any money that bloggers or social networkers make through the survey. This is a big opportunity for enterprising types who are willing to contact businesses. We can easily see college students making this their part time or full time job.

At its core the program is simply a Reseller Code that you hand out to businesses. If they create a survey and enter your code then you earn whenever that survey pays out to somebody.

We'll do a bigger announcement in the coming days. And we'll continue to enhance the Reseller Program pages. But for now the tech works so we wanted to make sure you knew what was up.

There's a Facebook Group for resellers to share thoughts, techniques, etc.

You like ... OK, well sure

We all like a lot of things. I was scanning through an actual paper magazine, and between the articles and the ads, decided that there are bunches and bunches of things that are likeable ... so here is just a smattering.

MRT now at #2 on Search Engine Results Page

Here's an update on the status of my blog on Google and it's now number 2 in the latest search. Here's the screenshot:

Doing SEO is really fun.

My Random Thoughts Now Number 3 on SERP's

I did a search on Google on how my optimization of this blog would fair and I was happy that my blog reach no. 3, despite having similar titles. Here's a screenshot of the search I took.

My SEO training really paid off and I would thank my trainer Ms. Claire Bretaña for that

Optimizing "My Random Thoughts"

I've been doing some optmizaiton for this blogs so that my traffic would increase and HOPEFULLY recover the PageRank lost since last December of last year. Anways since I will be updating this blog more often, I would like to share whay some tips of "How to Increase your PageRank" on

By The way, for those of you who like to play some games here's an interesting one.

For those who are looking for tutorials for you web design problems you can check out Digital Toolz.

Like to take pictures or video but don't have the proper knowledge about photography and videography? Here's a blog that you can check out: Visual Blogs

Get Paid to Blog

“Get paid to blog; get paid for blogging, blog advertising, advertise on blogs , blog for money”. These are the slogan of another online service that blogger can earn money from.

Smorty is a service connecting advertisers with bloggers. Advertisers can pay bloggers to write their opinions, posts with links back to the advertisers’ site. This service is typical of a pay-per-post service where bloggers also get earn by post their opinions about the product or events.

Also like in other pay-per-post services, bloggers will have to wait for Smorty approved their blogs before accepting available “opportunities” to post. With the number of bloggers and advertisers increasing on Smorty, each opportunity you accept has its own deadline. After which subscriber click the “Submit Posts” and attach the anchor link provided and enter the post title and the complete post URL.

Another method of earning from Smorty is their referral program. Refer new bloggers and earn commissions from their posts! You earn 5% commission of the total payments made to your referred blogger by Smorty. This is ongoing, so you will earn commission for the life of your referred blogger.

Popular Scandals of 2007

OK, get out your "Do I care meter?" and apply it to the most notable scandals of 2007.

"Show me someone who never gossips, and I'll show you someone who isn't interested in people. "
~ Barbara Walters ~

Mystical Ball: A Mind Reader Site

Here's a site that would get your mind boggling on how it did guess what's in your mind.

to try, just click here

You can also check your IQ by trying this one

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Welcome Year of the RAT.

Welcome Year of the RAT
Happy Chinese New Year

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Charity from dNeero-ites

Have you seen the new dNeero home page ( On the left hand column you'll see two boxes that deal with dNeero charity ("Donations to Charity" and "Recent Charity Donators").

First, thanks and kudos to all those who have taken surveys for charity ... keep it up. Second, thusfar in this calendar quarter, receipts for charity are lagging behind previous quarters ... how come?

Fashion Trends

What do you think of the pop culture fashion trends in 2007 for women?
From Time's Pop Culture in 2007: In the world of pop culture, 2007 was the year we turned up our noses at Britney (while unleashing a world of schadenfreude on the tearful fan who defended her on YouTube), shook our heads over the Michael Vick dogfighting arrest and did a major double-take at the NASA astronaut love triangle. Meanwhile, France yawned over its First Couple's split; An Inconvenient Truth sparked an eco-friendly clothing trend; and the verb "to tase" entered the lexicon (as in, don't, bro).

NY Giants Upsets Patriots on Superbowl

Eli Manning, Michael Strahan and the rest of the New York Giants has upset the the Tom Brady and unbeatable New England Patriots 17-14. QB Eli Manning now has his own championship ring like his brother Peyton as well as the MVP trophy.

The Winnning Drive

Ashop Shopping Cart Software

For those of use who are into e-commerce business by selling items online, here's a shopping cart software for you. Ashop Commerce Shopping Cart Software is one of the best available. Ashop Commerce shopping carts can be managed and designed by almost any internet savvy business person.

Here are some of the features of this ecommernce shopping cart software:

1. No need to install software on all your computers. Ashop Commerce is a web based shopping cart software.
2. Search engine optimized to give you the best possible platform for the highest search engine rankings.
3. Easy to use and still the most flexible ecommerce software on the market.
4. Customizable for any business, whether you're a designer, marketing pro, or just starting out with a new idea.
5. Affordable. Monthly plans to best suit your business.
6. Secure admin's and storefront checkouts as standard. 128bit SSL encryption.
7. Free 24 hour tech support
8. Free emails, upgrades, payment integration, web promotion tools.
9. Fraud detection for your orders

For more details you check out their website

Increase Traffic

I'm not talking about the metropolis traffic here but traffic in your blog and websites. when i started blogging, my main purpose was just to write anything and everything. I thought of it as a perfect outlet of my thoughts. It was a place where I could share a 2 cents of myself to the world wide web.

Things have pretty much changed over the years and increasing traffic to one's site has become an important task. I have recently signed up with Buzzfuse which would help me increase the traffic to my site for free. Yes, it's free as in free water. The sign up was really easy and if you are dissatisfied with the service you can, at any time, unsubscribe. This will really help me in a lot of ways. I get the chance to "market" my site without really doing much work as they will do it for me.

Use Buzzfuse* to easily rate, review, and share this item

At Last! New House Episode Downloaded

HOUSE M.D.After months of waiting for the next episode of House M.D, I was able to download from another source (thanks to my friend James for the link) the latest epsidoe (episode 10 of Season 4). I was excited to see "Thirteen" as part of House's New Team.
Olivia Wilde as No. 13 Dr. Remy HadleyDr. Greg House

I Got My Adsense Account back

I was happy that Google has reinstated my account albeit they inform me that would not release the funds until I enter the PIN which they mailed kuno to my address here at home to verify my physical address.

I'm not really concern yet if my funds are on hold because I haven't reach the minimum amount yet and I'll wait for the mail from Google. But what's really important for now is the adsense are back.

Blue Jeans ... A Clothing Icon

In the United States during the 1950s, wearing of blue jeans by teenagers and young adults became symbolic of mild protest against conformity. This was considered by some older adults as disruptive; for example, some movie theaters and restaurants refused to admit patrons who wore blue jeans. During the 1960s the wearing of blue jeans became more acceptable and by the 1970s had become general fashion in the United States, at least for informal wear. But ya gotta ask yourself, where in the world is a pair of blue jeans not acceptable?

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