One In a Million


Once in your life you'll find someone
To make it all so real
When it comes you will know
'Cause it's like something
You never thought you'd feel

(And) sometimes you say to yourself
Is this really what I'm looking for ?
'Cause only time will tell
if this is heaven or hell
To really know if you're sure

I walk this lonely road
And I felt i'm goin' nowhere
(And) some things I'll never know
But I know why you're the only one

And I'll never find love again
Like the kind you give
Like the kind that you send
'Cause you're one in a million
One in a million... to me.

Baby you've got a certain way
of doin' things that makes me feel
Like I'm someone
So don't change the way that you are

I walk this lonely road
And I felt i'm goin' nowhere
(And) some things I'll never know
'Cause you're a million and one

I walk the lonely road
And I felt I'm goin' nowhere
(And) some things I'll never know
But I know why you're the only one

And I'll never find love again
Like the kind you give
Like the kind you that send
'Cause you're one in a million
One in a million to me..

No more lonely nights
I'm finally goin' somewhere
And it's all because of you
That I know why
You've always been the only one

And i'll never find love again
Like the kind you give
Like the kind you send
'Cause iou're one in a million
One in a million to me

I'll never find love again
Like the kind you give
Like the kind that you send
'Cuase you're one in a million
One in a million to me

One in a million to me..
One in a million to me...
One in a million to me...

Sang by Trixter

Wanna Sing Along? Here's the music

To Watch the Music Video CLICK HERE

Baby's Early Morning Routine

As of late, my baby daughter wakes up as early as 4 in the morning. Usually what she does is to try to "bite" her pillows. My mom said this is natural because at this time her first set to teeth is about to grow and her gums are somewhat getting "itchy". It's a good thing that we bought some teething toys for her to bite on.

Saturday Afternoon Blog: Rainy Weekend and Double Duty

Rainy Week

I would sum up the weekend with two words: "La Niña". The whole week was so rainy to the point that most of the people are having colds. Fortunately, I haven't got the colds yet. Taking hot baths and drinking a lot of water has prevented me from catching the colds. What's been bugging me at night is when the frogs are doing their "croaking orchestra" after the rain has stopped.

Dual duty at work
I've been really busy at work because I have been doing my web developing and training applicants at the same time. I'm glad that I now have help with my client. Soon, I'll be a full time trainer in the upcoming weeks or so.

Playboy Philippines No Different from FHM and Maxim

Playboy PhilippinesAccording to several news websites, Playboy Philippines will be launched next month and it targets mature men 30 and above. The difference with Playboy Philippines and its US counterpart is that there will be NO FRONTAL NUDITY (Parang FHM and Maxim na rin kung ganun).

The magazine will be sold across the Philippines at a cost of PHP199 pesos (US$4.76) and 70 percent of the content will be local.

Founded in 1953, Playboy has some 20 local editions around the world that cater to local taste rather than simply exporting and translating its U.S. content.

source: Reuters

Splitting My Body at Work

Since my client has yet been given a replacement, I am still obliged to do some of his task (albeit not that hectic). So this week I'll be doing dual roles: A web developer AND a trainer. *SIGH*. But it's OK anyway I'm enjoying (for now) my being busy. My daughter will be proud of me because I really worked hard for my family.

My Random Thoughts #1 sa Google Search

I recently check my blog's output on the after being optimized again by adding new keywords on the meta tags, I am proud to say that my "My Random Thoughts" blog has reach the top of the SERP of Google.

"MRT has reach number 1"

Here's an article of my good friend Jehzeel Laurente about HOW TO INCREASE YOUR BLOG TRAFFIC EVEN IF YOU DON'T UPDATE FREQUENTLY which really help you in optimizing your site for SEO.

Trainer Mode in Full Force...

It's my first day back from the long weekend off because of the Holyweek and I was greeted with 5 new trainees (2 Web Developers, 2 Graphic Artitsts and one Webmaster) Sheesh... well that's part of my new job now as a Training and Development Officer.

What's good about this is aside from the pay, I get to learn new technologies like ASP.NET , ActionScript and Flex on my "Not-So-Busy" weeks.

Happy Easter to All


Saturday Evening Blog: My HolyWeeked Recap

Holy Monday to Wednesday: Working my butts off.

Maundy Thursday: Just at home taking care of the baby with my wife. Some blogging on the side, doing research on ASP.NET 2.0 tutorials. Uploading and installing new theme for Eversun Graphics site.

Good Friday: More baby bonding time and cleaning and arranging our room. Still doing some blogging and research on ASP.NET 2.0 and Actionscript.

Black Saturday: Doing my regular Saturday chores (laundrying baby's lampin and clothes). Blogging and DVD Marathon [Alvin and the Chipmonks, Garfield 2, The Unit[Season 2] and Band Of Brothers (for the nth time....I can help it I really love the movie)] and watching Naruto: Shippuden episode 51-52 video.

Creating Alternate Ads for AdSense and Clicksor [repost]

PPC ads like Google AdSense and Clicksor are a great source of income for many web site publishers.

You sign up and put the ads on your web sites. They deliver the ads live, with each page load — ads relevant to the content of the page the ads are delivered to. (Well, sometimes they aren't so relevant, but they try.)

The ads are delivered from the inventory of ads they have available.

What happens when no ads are available depends on the PPC ad distributor. AdSense delivers non-profit (non-paying) ads. I don't know what Clicksor does.

Both of those organizations, however, allow you to specify content to display whenever they don't have sufficient relevant ads in their inventory. Instead of their ads, they display your ads.

I will show step by step how to make those alternate ads so they fit within the space allotted for the PPC ads.

You'll be able to deliver your own ads, paying ads or your personal selection of non-profit ads, whenever AdSense or Clicksor inventory runs out.

Click here for more details.

source: Willmaster

When It Come to Wine, Who Are You?

Wine stores, supermarkets, liquor stores, warehouse clubs, even drug stores ... what a vast array of wine is available to us. Depending on our wine expertise we buy and consume wine differently. A big company did an 18 month study and was able to classify us ... let's see how we classify ourselves.

* Enthusiast: Passionate & knowledgeable about wine
* Image Seeker: Considers wine a status symbol; has a basic knowledge of wine
* Savvy Shopper: Enjoys shopping for wine; gets satisfaction from a good deal
* Traditionalist: Enjoys wines from established wineries
* Satisfied sipper: Doesn?t know much about wine; usually buys the same brand
* Overwhelmed: Overwhelmed by the quantity of selections

Snapbomb! Make Money Online

Thanks to Thet for posting about Snapbomb. This is just another paid blogging opportunity for those people like me who wants to earn extra income through sponsored postings. True to its words, signing up and blog approval from Snapbomb really happens in just a snap. It didn't even take me 10 minutes to register and wait my blog to be approved. What is more interesting about Snapbomb is that, it does not rely to Google's PR alone. it also values the contents of your blog so it's like having a fair share of how your blog really does. I am just new to this site and I am still learning the the buzz, tricks of the trade and other blog marketing strategies. But if you want to earn by blogging, go ahead and sign up to this newest sponsored blogging site.

My programming experience with ASP.NET 2.0 using Abyss Server

As I stated on my previous post that I really wanna learn ASP.Net and since my workstation is running on Windows XP HOME (What! no IIS? no problem), I had to resort to some alternative web servers. Good thing I found Abyss Server which run almost all web languages like PHP, Perl, Python, classic ASP, ASP.NET and Ruby On Rails. Also I also runs on Linux, FreeBSD and MacOSx platforms.

Setting Up and configuring the Abyss Server

Then using Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition, I started a ASPWebSite Project using the sample coding I got from Chapter One of "Learning ASP.NET 2.0" ebook. And I was amazed by the result. The Abyss Server really worked.

Coding in Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition

ASP.NET Running on my Browser

Congratulations Manny Pacquiao!

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiaco defeated Juan Manuel Marquez by split decision to win the WBC Super Featherweight Championship.

For Detailed Story CLICK HERE

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is a moveable feast which always falls on the Sunday before Easter. The feast commemorates an event reported by all four Canonical Gospels: Mark 11:1-11, Matthew 21:1-11, Luke 19:28-44, and John 12:12-19 - the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem in the days before his Passion.

Hamburgers and French Fries

Hamburgers and French Fries are a food staple in the U.S.

Learning ASP.NET

I've been wanting to learn ASP.Net way back but got busy with other thing which is not about IT. Now that I am now part of the Information and Communication industry, I was able to learn from my colleagues at work how to be a programmer and other aspect of the business. With in tow, I will try to do a self learning journey toward learning ASP.NET.

But before I go into doing ASP.NET, I must learn C# the language in which ASP.NET is based upon. Now I'll start my research on C# and ASP.NET first to understand more before going into programming C#.

Rediscovering Mecha Animes

When I was 7 years old, my older brother always rents betamax tapes about Anime "mecha" or robot cartoons which includes well known titles such as Voltes V, Daimos, and Mazinger Z. But recently I discovered in the internet (thru Youtube and Crunchyroll) that there are some episode (and full movies) about my favorite mecha cartoons which are Grandizer and Starvengers.


I was able to see some portions of the movie version of Grandizer on Youtube, it was last 15 minutes of the movie in which Grandizer was able to defeat the final enemey (but still I will continue my efforts find, better yet download the whole movie). Of All the Mecha Anime series, this one is my all time favorite (sorry Voltes V) and I love the way Johnny Bryant changes into Orion Quest when he shout his name "ORION QUEST!".

Orion Quest

Grandizer Opening Video


On the other hand, I was happy that I was able to watched again the whole Starvengers movie on Youtube ( I was lucky that there was a fan of the movie whoa able to uploaded the whole movie).

STARVENGER Introduction

Weather -- It's Everywhere!

We take it for granted; we don't take it for granted? It affects our activities, moods, business, budget, health, vacation, ...

Pics -- Capture the Moment and the Soul

Once we went digital, the world of photography opened up to us -- the masses

You can check out my Photography Blog also

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Seminar At Fwendz Diner

The last monday I got a message from my good friend Christopher Cubos that he will be conducting a free seminar on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator along with some of his friends in the IT business RangingMon and Timothy Te. Unfortunately Timothy didn't make it so Chris was able to get Ted Padova to demonstrate to us Adobe Illustrator. Some of my offciemates where able to make it and was awed by the number of attendees (and the beautiful ladies :D).

Ted Padova demonstrates Adobe Illustrator

Sir Ted was able to show us the flexibility of Adobe Illustrator unlike its counterpart, Corel Draw. It now supports 3D designing and .ai designs can now be exported into flash by animating each layers of the design into frames.

Chris Cubos inserting a PSD file into Dreamweaver CS3

Up Next was Chris Cubos. He demonstrates to us how to use Photoshop CS3 for web designing together with Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. Since being bought by Adobe, the Dreamweaver software has come a long way as the industry standard in web designing and web developing.

RagingMon demonstrates the new features on Photoshop CS3

Up Next was RagingMon, who was tasked by Chris Cubos to demonstrate Adobe Photoshop's new features as well as the wonders of desingning in Photoshop using layers.

My Officemates: Ricky, Ronald and Cliff Ivan

Election 2008: The field has narrowed

The election of the next U.S. President is in November 2008. We've narrowed the field thru the process of state primaries and caucuses. Noe Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are battling for the right to claim the Democratic Party candidacy and John McCain has the Republican Party candidacy all wrapped up.

I Got Paid! Check from Text Link Ads arrived

I was surprised earlier that a letter from TEXT LINK ADS was on my table. When I open it, it was a check worth $25 as payment for my affiliate program. I guess that increased traffic really paid off and I now added the TLA banner ads on to my other blogs. I also change my setting so that the next payments will be paid directly to my Paypal account to avoid hassle.

Pizza -- It's A Food Group!

Quick, safe, fun, flexible -- and it's universally mouth watering -- it's a pizza!

I Got Blogged by My Blog Apprentice....Again!

I was informed by my co-worker (and blog apprentice...waaaa parang master ang turing sa kin) that she will post the picture of us together with some congratulatory greetings. You can read her post here.
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