Creating Alternate Ads for AdSense and Clicksor [repost]

PPC ads like Google AdSense and Clicksor are a great source of income for many web site publishers.

You sign up and put the ads on your web sites. They deliver the ads live, with each page load — ads relevant to the content of the page the ads are delivered to. (Well, sometimes they aren't so relevant, but they try.)

The ads are delivered from the inventory of ads they have available.

What happens when no ads are available depends on the PPC ad distributor. AdSense delivers non-profit (non-paying) ads. I don't know what Clicksor does.

Both of those organizations, however, allow you to specify content to display whenever they don't have sufficient relevant ads in their inventory. Instead of their ads, they display your ads.

I will show step by step how to make those alternate ads so they fit within the space allotted for the PPC ads.

You'll be able to deliver your own ads, paying ads or your personal selection of non-profit ads, whenever AdSense or Clicksor inventory runs out.

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source: Willmaster


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