Sunday Evening Blog: Facebook Games, NFL Draft and Blog updates

It's another edition of my weekly Sunday blog to summarize some of my weeks events. To start of my weekend recap, I would start on some Facebook games that I have recently got "crazed" about. I just found out from several of my co-workers at the night shift that they are crazy about the game Tower Bloxx, since one of them invited me so I joined the craze also.

the goal of the game was to stack each building blocks by dropping them from a swinging crane. The better you stack the blocks, the lesser the building would sway. You are only allowed 3 mistakes so it's not easy at looks though. You'll need some patience and good timing so that you'll get higher stacks.

Another Facebook game that I am also playing most of the time is BattlePets. this game is somewhat similar to a turn-based version of Pokemon. You can train your Pets so that they may get stronger. You may also get new pets by going on an "adventure" fight wild PETS. Once you defeat that wild Pets there's a chance though you could capture it. You can also join some BattleArena tournament on which you can could battle your Pets against other BP players.

The NFL draft
St. Louis Rams LogoFor those of you who don't know, I'm an avid American Football fan specially the NFL and my favorite team in particular is the St. Louis Rams. I've been a football fan since high school and I follow the games on cable and now that there the internet I regularly check my favorite team's scores, stats and standings. I also follow their off season news and update specially the draft because I like to give my opinions about draft prospects on some fan forums. Recently I created my own fan blog GRIDIRON RAMS so that I can post my personal opinions and information on every aspect about the St. Louis Rams.

... Blog updates...
I just update some of my blog during the pastweek including this blog in which I trimmed down my blogrolls so that my blog would page load faster and copied the others on another post and link them on the sidebar. Also removed some of the Javascript applications that I believe is now longer effective for my site like Blogrush. I also signed up to SPOTTT, another traffic generating service similar to Entrecard so that my blog traffic would increase on an another aspect.


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