Got My Own uMobile Sim

When I first heard about uMobile, I got curious when some of my online friends post on Twitter about it. I asked one of theme what is the uMobile all about. So I visited the site which is on

According to the site, uMobile is the first ad‐funded mobile service in Asia. They find brands that sponsor your load so that you can text, call and surf the web at no cost to you as well as earn rewards, freebies and discounts.

Well isn't that nicegid. Someone will sponsor my load. Without hesitation I got myself an invite code (which is being generated on the site but you have to hurry up because it is only limit ( as of my last visit there are only 400+ invite codes left).

Finally after weeks of waiting , my uMobile has arrived.


Skin Beauty Maven said...

I signed up, too! Meron pa palang mga surveys bago ma approve ang application. I hope I get my own umobile sim soon! :D Thanks for the tip!

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