It's About You (or Me)

"Each of us is something of
a schizophrenic personality,
tragically divided against ourselves."
~ Martin Luther King, Jr. ~

Wanna know about me? Then Read On...

SAB: :Cousin's Children Party and Others

This weeks edition of Sunday Afternoon Blog will be about my cousin's 11th Birthday party last Saturday which was a children's party at Linmarr Apartelle poolside.

There was a short program in which my cousin and her classmates, along with some her teachers were present to celebrate. It was a short program with some parlor games. My daughter on the otherhand was busy mesmerizing the swimming pool.

Citizenship Marketplace

This is a follow up to the "Citizenship For Sale?" conversation. In the first conversation, many folks were concerned about the morality of selling their own citizenship ... that concern is right on target and it was pleasant to see our dNeeroites question that possibility. However, Nobel Laureate Gary Becker's proposal has to do with the U.S. government selling the right to legal immigration. Can such a proposal work in the U.S. ... could it work for other countries? Can the law of supply and demand work to solve immigration problems?

My Plurk Meme

Plurk has recently announce that we can customize our plurk profile usings CSS. so I did modify my plurk profile by adding my own CNSQ Online design as the background on the timeline

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart by Angra

Now I know that the end comes
You knew since the beginning
Didn't want to believe it's true
You are alone again
My soul will be with you

Why's the clock even running
If my world isn't turning
Hear your voice in the doorway wind
You are alone again
I'm only waiting

You tear into pieces my heart
Before you leave with no repentance
I cried to you, my tears turn into blood
I'm ready to surrender
You say that I take it too hard
And all I ask is comprehension
Bring back to you a piece of my broken heart
I'm ready to surrender

I remember the moments
Life was short for the romance
Like a rose it will fade away
I'm leaving everything

No regrets, war is over
The return of a soldier
Put my hands on my bleeding heart
I'm leaving all behind
No longer waiting

I've waited for so long!

When gas prices go up, you ...

A follow up to the "Gas Prices on the Rise" conversation ... so, what are you doing about it?

It's a hodgepodge, a mishmash, a salmagundi

Just some items of interest from the popular press ... Britney, Heath, Eva, Barack, Zimbabwe.

Handguns Everywhere?

Sixty-one percent of dNeero conversationalists sais that everyone should have a right to own a handgun ... and forty percent said they either own or would own a handgun. ------- If you have previously joined this conversation, please do so again -- we had a technical glitch ... sorry about that.

SAB: Bonding Moments with my Daughter

This edition of Sunday Afternoon blog is all about my bonding moments with my daughter yesterday because I let my wife rest from taking care of baby. With that we had our time for ourselves. My Wife was the who took these pictures.

Job Opportunities for Web Developers

Eversun Software Philippines - Davao Branch is in need of Web Developers (preferably those who are proficient in PHP/MySQL , Javascript/AJAX and Content Management Systems)

For inquiries you can call +6382 2973857 and look for IVY.
you can also email your resumes at hr_davaobranch [at]

or you may visit us at:
Door 102, Diamond Bldg., MacArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City, Philippines.
(fronting the Aquarius Street of GSIS Village)

Job Opportunities: Hiring of Logo Designers

Disclaimer: I'm posting this ad as a favor from a close friend but I am NOT connected with the company nor I am receiving any incentives. So I'm gonna repost his ad here.

Hi Guys,

I've finished my first round of hiring for logo designers ... of 35 who send their resumes, I only got 4 for interview and testing ... Now I need more as I have to deliver a bigger bulk to my clients. Please help me spread the word and let us help provide more jobs to our fellow Davaoños. More Job Hiring in other openings to fill in to come within the week so stay tuned to your yahoo groups. If you also have a Blog, you can help me by posting this message there. It would really help :)

Logo Designers Wanted
Be part of the elite and most creative designers. We are looking for the top logo designers in Davao City
to be part of our expansion to the global market.

Basic Requirements
• Intermediate to advanced design skills
• Vector software experience (Inkscape, CorelDraw) preferrably Adobe Illustrator
• Must have experience in designing Vector Art and Logos
• Can Conceptualize Designs Fast
• Use Keyboard Shortcuts
• Can Draw with Pencil
• Strong Art Background
• Good Understanding of Typography, Color, Layout, and Shapes
• Attention to Detail

Send Résumé
Christopher John Cubos
Founder/Creative Director
Résumé / Biodata / 2x2 / Sample Works

Note: Please visit our online portfolio @

If this is what you think you can and want to do please apply right away.


For updates and I.T. news, please join

by sending a blank email to

Best Regards,

Christopher John Cubos
Philippine Global Outsourcing

Sunday Afternoon Blog : The Weekend Summary

Although this post was written on a Monday, I would like to summarize my week through this Sunday Afternoon Blog (even though it's a Monday ...wait Sunday pa sa States hehehe).

Last Week was another scheduled training week which spawned 2 more would be co-employees in my company that I worked with and an administrative meeting which was held on Gardeña Frescahere in Matina, Davao City. The place was very nice. Good for those who wanna take their loved ones for a dinner.

On Saturday, we took my baby daughter to her pediatrician for her 2nd to the last set of immunization (Measle shots on that day and next month for Chicken Pox). In the afternoon, I went to Kasagingan to do some "Digg"-ing I was able to signup for a new Digg account (though I would limit my "digg-ing" using only my laptop to avoid getting banned again).

On Sunday, I was offline most of the time because I promised to give some quality time for my daughter although I keep on "plurking" post through my mobile phone (through phplurk.

Think Again

Please listen to Lori Brainard's video "Think Again" at You Tube. We'd like to know what you think.

Posted New photos of my Baby Daughter on My Multiply Site

Just updated my Multiply Site by uploading some of the latest pictures of my baby daughter you can check it out by following this link -->

Women and Photography

One of the perks of a digital photographer is to be able to see beautiful women and their lovely curves and skin and capture those so that it can be shared to all like this website called

On this website, you can see various photo shoots of beautiful models and famous female celebrities.

My Contribution to the Solution to our Country's Oil Crisis

Economic crisis has been the headlines of every news everyday because of the ever rising own prices in which ,in a domino effect, the prices of basic commodities would also rise. There are several ways on how we can save during this time of crisis.

Sa kakaunlad ng bayan, BISIKLETA ang kailangan

Davao Cyber Expo 2008 Seminar

Last Friday I got an invitation from my good friend Chris Cubos of Philippine Global Outsourcing to attend the seminar at the Davao Cyber Expo on Saturday 1PM which talks about 3D animation, Content Management systems and about the rise Information Technology here in Davao.

It was a good think that my wife allowed me to attend this event because paminsan lang ito mga evebts na ito kaya attend ka na lang(this events are seldom being held here, grab the chance.)

The first part of the seminar was all about 3D designing and Animation. Speakers for Autodesk Maya, Lighwave 3D and Blender has show to use the wonders of their respectively software and how it is applied in today's industry.

After 3D graphic designs, the next topic was about Adobe Acrobat 9. Ted Padova of ApoVision and shares the newest feature of the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat which includes features on MS Office integration and others.

Up Next was the web developers turn to show their respective applications. British national James Pitt demonstrates Drupal, Mosleman "Jun" Macarambon Jr. elaborates Joomla and finally Oliver "Blogie" Robillo talk about Wordpress.

Cyber Relationship

If they make you happy without transgressing on other people?s feelings, then they should be good, right?

"Having someone wonder where you are when you don't come home at night is a very old human need."

~ Margaret Mead

HammeRuler ... The Commercial

The HammeRuler will run a new commercial on TV and since dNeero users have made such great recommendations already we'd like your suggestions. Basically, our advertising firm has brainstormed a few ideas and we're at the point where we need to narrow things down. That's where you come in! Tell us what you think would be most effective for you and your friends.

Pull the Trigger

The U.S. Supreme Court's historic ruling on June 25th for individual gun rights is expected to trigger a spray of new legal challenges to the stiffest gun control laws across the country.

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