Davao Cyber Expo 2008 Seminar

Last Friday I got an invitation from my good friend Chris Cubos of Philippine Global Outsourcing to attend the seminar at the Davao Cyber Expo on Saturday 1PM which talks about 3D animation, Content Management systems and about the rise Information Technology here in Davao.

It was a good think that my wife allowed me to attend this event because paminsan lang ito mga evebts na ito kaya attend ka na lang(this events are seldom being held here, grab the chance.)

The first part of the seminar was all about 3D designing and Animation. Speakers for Autodesk Maya, Lighwave 3D and Blender has show to use the wonders of their respectively software and how it is applied in today's industry.

After 3D graphic designs, the next topic was about Adobe Acrobat 9. Ted Padova of ApoVision and Acrobatuser.com shares the newest feature of the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat which includes features on MS Office integration and others.

Up Next was the web developers turn to show their respective applications. British national James Pitt demonstrates Drupal, Mosleman "Jun" Macarambon Jr. elaborates Joomla and finally Oliver "Blogie" Robillo talk about Wordpress.


Aice Nice Concepts said...

ok sana un Seminar they have all the gadgets, projectors and presentation, kaso lang the place is not that good.
here is my post (^_^)

Engr. Cesar Noel said...

Actually even Tope (the event organizer) was disappointed.

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