Sunday Afternoon Blog : The Weekend Summary

Although this post was written on a Monday, I would like to summarize my week through this Sunday Afternoon Blog (even though it's a Monday ...wait Sunday pa sa States hehehe).

Last Week was another scheduled training week which spawned 2 more would be co-employees in my company that I worked with and an administrative meeting which was held on Gardeña Frescahere in Matina, Davao City. The place was very nice. Good for those who wanna take their loved ones for a dinner.

On Saturday, we took my baby daughter to her pediatrician for her 2nd to the last set of immunization (Measle shots on that day and next month for Chicken Pox). In the afternoon, I went to Kasagingan to do some "Digg"-ing I was able to signup for a new Digg account (though I would limit my "digg-ing" using only my laptop to avoid getting banned again).

On Sunday, I was offline most of the time because I promised to give some quality time for my daughter although I keep on "plurking" post through my mobile phone (through phplurk.


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