How to Use Forums to Drive Laser Targeted Traffíc to Your Site in 7 Steps

Article By Iyabo Oyawale (c) 2008
reposted from an email newsletter

There is no doubt about the fact that Forum posting works when it comes to driving traffic to a site. On many occasions, I have successfully used posting to forums to gain exposure to my affiliate landing page, squeeze page, sales page, etc.

I tell you, if you're really smart, the goal of every forum post you make is to get as many people to subscribe to your líst! Posting to forums is a very fast and powerful way to build your base of subscribers in as little as 30 minutes. Below is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1 - Find Forums About Your Niche Very Easily

Just Google the following:

+"your niche" +forum
+"your niche" +"discussion board"

For instance, if I am looking for Forums in the Internet Marketing field, I type +"Internet Marketing" +forum. The results show the top Internet marketing Forums such as:

Step 2 - Join the Forums and Set Up Your Signature

Remember to include your website address in your signature. Signature is another name for your resource box. Your resource box is just like an 'about the author info'. This appears at the end of every post you make and drives traffic to your website.

Step 3 - Read the Rules and Regulations of the Forum Before Posting

This ensures that your posts are not deleted by the Administrators of the Forum. Now, don't go about spamming all members of the Forum with your website advert. In fact, I will advise you not to post an obvious ad. It's a pure waste of time because it will be deleted.

So, what's next?

Step 4 - Ask for Input

Approach from a weak man's position. Assuming you've written an article on your site entitled "13 Ways to Drive Traffic to a New Site." You could make a post asking folks to check out the article and see if you missed anything. Or you can ask for additional points to add to your article. Of course you'll have your opt ín box at the end of the article with a compelling offering.

Let's say you've written an article on meeting the right partner. You could post a message like this: "If you had a chance to learn how to meet your right partner now, what would you do?"

It's a great way to get the attention of forum members to your article. You also get them engaged in the article by asking for their input. And who knows, you may also get other publishers who would use your content in their ezines, thereby getting more exposure for your site.

Time flies again and again...

It's been a while since my last personal post and I really noticed that times really flies fast with all our agents changing shifts and of course my Baby's Birthday fast approaching. I really hope I can cope up with this sudden changes in life.

Visual Talking Again...Run for the Impressions!

A Visual Talking "Run for the Impressions!" bonus ... $1,000 total ... we want you to be one of the lucky ones!!

U.S. Presidential Politics

McCain and Obama clashed over taxes, war and the economy in the first of three
debates. The financial crisis shifted the initial focus from foreign to domestic issues.

Windy Alternative

One of the fastest growing segments of the power sector, wind generation capacity is expected to more than double between 2006 and 2011 worldwide With oil price increases giving us hard times. We explore some of alternatives to get energy and Wind Power is one if the best Free energy we can harness.

Primetime TV - Fall 2008

Yey, New seasons of CSI, CSI:Miami, CSI:New York and House is coming next month. I can't wait to download those episodes

Sunday Afternoon Blog: Baby's 1st Birthday Preparation and Others

Baby's 1st Birthday Celebration Preparation

The preparations for my baby daughter's 1st birthday celebration is on its final phase. We decided that baby's birthday theme will be Disney Princesses. The venue is set as well as the cake. Follow-ups will be done this upcoming week.

New Blogs planned

I have been planning to create some new blogs for some niches that I have in mind. The "earn money" blog will be created here on blogger because its the only platform that can support Adsense.

New Look

You might have notice that My Random Thoughts is sporting a new look. Well, there are several factors why I did some "modifications".

The last design was only looking good when view on 1024x768 monitor but since I have a wide screen monitor at the office (1360x768) the blog has no designs after the custom background graphics that I made so I change it into a dark, pattern background graphic . Also I removed some of the blog directories and other widgets that are not useful for me anymore.

With these modification, the blog now loads faster than before. I'm doing this because I wanna increase the blog's traffic but before I do that, I wanna improve the blog's loading time and of course the content.

It's TV Time 2008!

Leno's leaving Tonight, Idol is adding a fourth judge, and there are a bunch of new shows.

Loving Google Reader

Google Reader
Ever since that I used Google Reader to read some of the new updates from my favorite blogs and websites, I have have no trouble managing my browser windows since I can read all the updates on the Google reader itself. The using Google's very own web Chrome browser, reading is much faster.

Saturday Night Blog: Preparations for Baby's 1st Birthday

I's been a while since my last post because of my hectic work and also my wife and I are also preparing for baby's 1st birthday party. Finally able to find a nice venue (I'll keep mum of this for now so not to spoil those who will be given invitation cards). But it would be a "merienda" affair.

Next on our agenda will be the balloons and backdraft, the cake, the give-aways and of course the aforementioned invitations cards. That is all for now.

dNeero-ites want to know!

Questions in this convo come from the User Questions asked in our last five convos. Our peeps continue to amaze us with their insight into the core of dNeero conversations ... keep it going!!

2008 Movies

2008 Movies
Good year? Bad year? Who really cares ... we just want some entertainment ... to get out of the home, have the lights go down, see the upcoming trailers, be told to turn off our cells, and then settle in to having the big screen take over for a couple of hours.

McCain runs with Palin

McCain and Palin

Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, was named by John McCain to run as the Republican's Vice Presidential candidate ... it is conservatives who think they have seized the political advantage.

Obama runs with Biden

obama and biden

Barack Obama named Delaware Sen. Joe Biden as his vice presidential running mate, balancing his ticket with a seasoned congressional veteran well-versed in foreign policy and defense issues.

Plurk Nirvana and Google Chrome

Just recently, my Plurk profile was being given a Yin-Yang tag () which mean I have reached "Plurk Nirvana" which are given to those who reached Karma 81+.

Plurk Nirvana

Google Chrome
I posted a blog about Google's newest product which is the Goggle Chrome web browser. Read all about it Here

Google Chrome

One Month to Go...

It's only A month or so left before my daughter's 1st Birthday and I have been so busy with the preparations aside from work. Hope I could maximize my time very well because this is a special day for the family.

No Sweat

Today's miracle sweat-wicking micro-fibers hide a dirty little secret that serious athletes know about. They're great at wicking away moisture. But they embed perspiration residue deep into the fabric. The result: musty, stubborn sweat odors that linger no matter how hard you try to get them out.

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