The Obsession to Things Unconventional

Unconventional has been lifestyle ever since high school. I usually don't go with the trend because personally I want to be unique in my own personal way from the clothing style I wear which is laid-back and simple to the music the I listen (I'm more into metal and rock which you can read about on my other blog). Even here online I'm doing some unconventional stuff because I enjoyed some thing that not all people like to do (on a positive way).

Even to the choice of Computer Operating Systems, I choose Ubuntu Linux, instead of Windows when I go online (someone asked why is it I choose this complex OS), well for the simple reason that the Linux environment is virtually safe from viruses and malwares and it doesn't slow down my computer.

I would hope this meme/rant would serve as my testimony of my personal life style which is done is a positive and good way.


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