New Post on iCNSQ Tech Blog: Youtube goes Widescreen

I just updated my tech blog which is about Youtube having widescreen player in what seems to be a preparation for hosting of more professional contents in the future.

Read more about it on iCNSQ Tech Blogs.

50 Things to Do Before You Die

Life is short and that's a fact. It's already a bonus if you ever reach the age of 85. Now all have some ambitions in life. Here's a nice article about 50 Things to Do Before You Die

7 things you can do to give your blog more of an edge

kid blogger
Although most of you have already read this tips from other blogs but for others who haven't I would like to share this tips which was posted by Jacob Cass

Read more about it here

New Posts on Daddy Blogs

I finally added some new posts on my new blog DADDY BLOGS.

The Dude Behind Edward Cullen

When it comes to "Twilight," the question isn't whether the teen vampire movie is any good, but whether the hero, Edward Cullen, is as magical as we want him to be. Edward is brooding and sensitive ... and thanks to Pattinson's furrowed eyebrows, crooked smiles and carefully crafted hairstyles, he delivers just the Edward we've been waiting for.

Digitaltoolz just got Pimped

the New Digital Toolz
Some colleagues of mine suggested to me to add some "graphic design" feel on my Digital Toolz blog since it's all about web and graphic design stuff so I did some minor "pimping" and add some background design.

And I also a new post which is all about 50 Incredible Fonts for Professional Web & Print Design

Back from a One day Rest

It's good to be back working after a days rest because of a fever. The irony of it was that I was able to see Monday Night Football live and I was a bit happy that the Cleveland Browns beat the Buffalo Bills on a missed field goal by the Bills kicker.

Christmas Music

Santa Claus

Christmas/Holiday music cuts across all genres ... is it the go to music when you exercise, clean the house, shop, surf the Web, travel

Sports Clothing - Where? When?

A more sporty, casual approach to clothing is permeating our lives ... remember when athletic shoes, were for, well, athletics? ... did you ever wear Chick Taylor's outside of the gym ... then came the sports shoe craze ... is high-performance fitness/sports clothing going to follow? Seems to be making some in roads.

New Parenting Blog

Just created a new blog for a new niche which is all about parenting since I'm now a parent myself. The blog is simply called Daddy Blogs. This blog will be about my experiences as a newbie parent and will also share some tips on smart parenting.

Mom's Birthday Party

Yesterday, I took my vacation leave to celebrate my mother's birthday. As usual relatives and close friends where invited to grace the event. Even my daughter joined and showed our visitors her "walking-with-no-help-from-daddy" skills.

here are some of the photos of the event

More pictures here
Mom's Birthday

More Updates from My Other Online Works

Because I spend more time bonding with daughter on weekends (I have a separate blog post about this later on), I'll have to postponed some of my updates when I got to work. So here are the latest updates

*Two new blog post on CNSQ Online BLOG
*A DVD Review of Bangkok Dangerous on my Blog-A-Wenyo blog
*Added some new friends on Multiply site
* and last but not the least a List of Pay-to-Click sites that recently joined

New Posts on My Other Blogs

I just updated my digital toolz blog which talks about the 15 Key Elements All top Websites Should Have. Also I updated my TUMBLR with various photo rants and ramblings.

I also joined a new social bookmarking service called Design Float a Digg-type social bookmarking which focuses on Web and Graphic Design , Web Development and SEO.

And last but not the least, I added a new section of my Money and SEO blog which is called Pay-To-Click Lists it's a collection of my referral banners on Pay-to-Click (PTC) services that I joined.

Congratulations Barack Obama

Congratulations to Barack Obama for winning the 2008 US Presidential Elections

Movies Stuff

Movies touch a cord in most of us ... drama, comedy, suspense, romance, sports, documentary ... you name it ... the following questions just keep the conversation going!

Updating My Blogs

It's been a while since I update some of blogs because of the hectic workload that I had last month and also the transfer of the new office. Here's a run down of what I did to my other blogs.

* I updated my Blog-A-Wenyo blog in which I posted a review of the latest DVD that I watched which is Appleseed Ex Machina. I also updated the design and arrangement and added feedburner RSS Feed widget.

* I will be adding some new tutorials on Digital Toolz blog after I gather more information about HTML 5 and some new tutorials on CSS and Inkscape.

* Added a new tag on my Rock Music Buzz blog called "Women In Metal" in which I will feature the hottest chicks in heavy metal. For my 1st post under that tag, I featured Sonic Syndicate's Karin Axellson.

1st Day at the New Office

It's my first day working on our new office. It's much better because it's spacious and I got to have my own private area :D, and the location is a nearer to my house than the previous one. Also we have more options on where to buy food (we are surrounded by restaurants and pizza parlors hehehe)

You can see more pictures on the link below:
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