Updating My Blogs

It's been a while since I update some of blogs because of the hectic workload that I had last month and also the transfer of the new office. Here's a run down of what I did to my other blogs.

* I updated my Blog-A-Wenyo blog in which I posted a review of the latest DVD that I watched which is Appleseed Ex Machina. I also updated the design and arrangement and added feedburner RSS Feed widget.

* I will be adding some new tutorials on Digital Toolz blog after I gather more information about HTML 5 and some new tutorials on CSS and Inkscape.

* Added a new tag on my Rock Music Buzz blog called "Women In Metal" in which I will feature the hottest chicks in heavy metal. For my 1st post under that tag, I featured Sonic Syndicate's Karin Axellson.


Kevin Georg Paquet said...

At least you've got some updated now, keep it up and you'll be fine with that. Musta naman earnings natin? :p


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