Office Christmas Party and Mother-in-Law's Birthday

I really enjoyed my weekend because I got to be in two important events: Our company's Christmas party and my Mother-in-Law's birthday.

Update: Here are the pictures from of the AoV 2008 Christmas Party

Eversun Software Davao Christmas Party
The much anticipated Christmas party last night was very enjoyable with almost all of our agents attending the festivities. The event was held at the Mergrande Beach Resort dome just beside their pool area. The place was big with good sound system and a band setup (thanks to our resident DJ/Agent Supervisor Althone Borja).

I was in charge of documenting the event so I was able to borrow one of our agent's video camera and my trusty Sony Cybershot digital camera for pictures. Raphael Banta was in charge of doing the bulk of the picture shooting because he's using his Nikon D40 dSLR camera. Don't worry guys picture will be uploaded nextweek before Christmas.

Aside from our usual exchanging of gifts, we also have some fun parlor games and of course a live band which includes several talented agents and some session musicians.

I would hope that next year's party will be as fun as this.

Nanay's Birthday
We celebrated my Mother-In-Law's birthday with a small get together at their house in Toril with my wife and of course our every enegetic baby daughter, Venice Marie.


Chikai said...

hopping from my link list! advance merry christmas! :)

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