Replaced Kontera with Infolinks on this blog

I've read several reviews comparing Kontera to Infolinks and it has convinced me to give InfoLinks a try (for this blog only). I'll post a review later on soon.

Click here for my review on InfoLinks

Squidoo content is now being regulated for SPAM

Check out my lens I was updating my Make Money Online Lens after which when I click the publish button, I was redirected to a page where "they" detected that my lens may have some "SPAM" content. Since I'm new to the anti-spam thingy, I check this lens about the what are SPAM contents that are not allowed on Squidoo.

With that guidelines in place, we are should be extra careful what we publish on Squidoo now that Squidoo contents are now being reviewed.

Celebrating Valentines with my Family

Yesterday we celebrated Valentines Day at the Pizzaiolo at the Water Front Hotel. We decided to go there because it's not much of a crowd and wife wants to check out the place.

We had the family Pizzaiolo , Pene Pasta Chicken Alfredo and two Vanilla shakes.

Updates on this Valentines Month

I haven't doing some updates on this blog because I've been doing updates on my other blogs. So this latest post will about the blog updates that I made and some of those update I would recommend you checking it out. Here are the list of blog that I recently update:
That would be it for now. I'll be doing some new how-to Squidoo Lens later on.

5 Must-Have Widgets Every Blog Sidebar Should Have

I Found this nice article from which talks about Widgets A Blog Must Have On The Sidebar. As stated on his blog "The sidebar is an area to practically place anything from links to humongous banners and any other thing that can be placed on that section. However, some blog owners just stuff their sidebars with any widget they encounter, not taking into consideration the ease by which their users could freely move on their blog and the usefulness/uselessness of such widgets". What that said he compiled the top 5 Widgets A Blog Must Have On The Sidebar

Mousehunt Tips from an experienced player

I was scouring the Mousehunt forums when I found this in depth tips on playing Mousehunt for beginners and I would like to share these to all of you Mousehunters out there. to join Mousehunt you need to have your own Facebook account

Thanks for the tip: Watson Yuk Fai Shum

I have been playing MouseHunt for 2 months, during these 2 months, I have made alot of mistakes and now I am stuck at Lab using DB/ Exp/Swiss trying to save up gold for DDB and BG. Now I have better understanding about the game, I realise how silly I was and I don't want other new hunters make the same mistakes I did, so here are some tips to avoid it.

1) Tacky Glue Trap vs. High Tension Spring. Tacky Glue Trap will be a better choice because the 40% Accuracy bonus will help you attract mouse. Don't worry about it if you chosen High Tension Spring already, you will change your trap in no time.

2) Stay in Town of Gnawnia using Cheddar Cheese until you are Apprentice, don't bother going to Meadow and using other cheese. You will save up gold fast this way.

3) Buy Wooden Base with Target as soon as you can afford it. The addition 20% Accuracy bonus will boost your attraction rate.

4) 500 Pound Spiked Crusher vs. Mouse Mary O'Nette. Mouse Mary O'Nette will be a better choice because it is simply more powerful, attract better and luckier. If you are using 500 Pound Spiked Crusher already, don't buy Mouse Mary O'Nette, save your gold for a better one.

5) Once you are Apprentice. Stock up Marble Cheese and travel to Harbour. You can either use your left overs Cheddar at Harbour then swtich to Marble or you can sell it to buy more Marble. Stay hunting there until you reach Journeyman.

6) Buy Stone Base as soon as you can afford it. Although this upgrade you will lose 20% Accuracy bonus, the power increase makes it a worthy upgrade.

7) Mouse Trebuchet vs. Mouse Rocketine. Mouse Trebuchet will be a better choice dispike it is less powerful. It is a more balance trap overall and it is cheaper. If you are already using Mouse Rocketine, stick with it until you can buy better.

8) Travel to Mountain once you are Journeyman, hunt with Marble until you have Swiss Army Mouse Trap and Explosive Base (Exp). You should consider changing your bait to Swiss Cheese after the upgrades if you still don't have the Laboratory Map Piece from a Ninja mouse. Or you can simply try your luck with Marble and save the gold for your next trap.

9) NVMRC Forcefield Trap (FF) vs. Mouse DeathBot (DB). FF will be a better choice. Slighty less powerful, but it is the luckiest trap you can buy now. Sometimes it seems like luck is all you need to catch a powerful mouse.

10) If you have the reach Master already and still don't have the map piece, you should really consider changing your bait to Swiss or even Brie if you are desperate although not recommended.

11) Travel to Laboratory when you reached Master and have the map. Use Swiss as your initial bait. It is very important to stock up as many cheese as possible before you goto Lab because the travel cost is very expensive. Stay hunting at Lab until you have both the Key to Digby from a Dwarf mouse and Tattered Mousoleum Cloth from a Zombie mouse.

12) While you are hunting in Lab, it is time to stock up Super|Brie+ (SB) so you can convert them to Radioactive Blue (RB) later. There are many ways to obtain SB, the easiest way is to donate, other then that, you can do buy some and win some on the fourm. BUT DON'T BEG! No one like begger!

13) Once you have obtained the key and the cloth, stay in lab untill you have atleast 15 potions, if you plan to stay in Mousoleum (Moz) for awhile, you should stock up more potions, maybe around 30 or even more. Before you travel to Moz, buy a shadow trap from Town of Digby.

14) Sinister Portal (Sin) vs. Ambrosial Portal (Amb). This is very debatable, but my choice will be Sin because in Moz, I don't have any trouble attracting mouse, but I have a really hard time catching them and power is what you need to catch them. Both very similiar, doesn't really matter what you choose.

15) Try to stay as long as you can in Moz, convert your SB to RB one potion at a time, keep looking for SB until you get your Lycan mouse with Shredded Furoma Map Piece.

16) Once you have your map piece from Moz, you can either stay in Moz until you reach Grandmaster. Or if you hate looking for SB on the forum, you should use up all your SB then move to lab until you are Grandmaster.

17) I don't recommend you hunt at Trainning Ground (TG) without a Digby Drillbot (DDB). I had really bad time at TG using DB, not sure how well will FF do.

Note: These tips are only what I think I should have did, they might not be the best choices, so please don't burn me into ashes, just trying to help.

More tip can be found at Mousehunt Tips and Strategies Site

Tweetdeck: My Newest Desktop Twitter Client App

I've been using Desktop client application for my microblogging accounts and I recently discovered Tweetdeck. This Adobe AIR application has included some functionalities that my previous application (Twhirl) can't and more. So I quickly installed Tweetdeck and as of this writing, it running smoothly.

Finally back doing dNeero

After a month or so of waiting, dNeero finally posted another "Conversation" opportunity for me to post. It's all about dNeero-ites in Asia

Pittsburgh Steelers win their 6th Superbowl title over the Arizonal Cardinals

TAMPA, Fla. -- Capping a remarkable fourth quarter, Santonio Holmes made a brilliant catch for a 6-yard touchdown with 35 seconds remaining to give the Pittsburgh Steelers a record sixth Super Bowl title, 27-23 over the gutty Arizona Cardinals on Sunday night.

More here
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