Planning to Read Novels Digitally

Before there was internet, I use to buy my favorite fantasy books at a local bookstore (and sometime not all are available). My favorite books are mostly about the Dragonlance series, specially when the story is all about the Companions and the Majere Brothers. I a huge fan of Raistlin Majere actually. The cool, calm, dark and sinister attitude with the touch of brilliance in term of wizardry.

Now with the age of the internet, I'm now planning to continue my reading on my Palm powered QDA-700 Smartphone and I am now searching the following titles: The Second Generation, Dragons of Summer Flame,The Lost Chrnonicles Series( Dragons of the Dwarven Depths,
Dragons of the Highlord Skies, Dragons of the Hourglass Mage).

As usual, my venue for these e-book versions of theres titles will be on torrent sites and forums. I would gladly buy the books when the money is available but for now, I would settle with the e-books


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