MyBrute Cheat Guides

The last time I posted about MyBrute to introduce the game to those who haven't seen it. And now for the serious "MyBruters" I found a My Brute Cheats site for those who wanna improve their brutes. It's basically a guide on
how to improve your brute and other "cheats" and thanks to Jehzlau for creating this site ("Cheater ka talaga kahit kelan hehehe joke").

My Brute Cheats


wonderingaround said...

well i have helped many people using this minor glitch in the game by going to this website you will encounter a bot. no body uses the bot but he is password protected by going to that website and fighting him you will gain 3 lvls. your name must start with the word hopup3 then after that put whatever you would like then you must make the password 'levels' (no quotation marks) then when you do that congrats you now have a lvl 4 mybrute dude

ich said...

want a BEAR like me?
you will receive a bear within the first 6 levels for sure!
have fun ;)

Engr. Cesar Noel said...

thanks for the tip ich

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