Father's Day Celebration

Last Sunday, we celebrated Father's day at Cafe El Gato (Rancho Palos Verdes located at Riverfront, Diversion Road just beside St. Paul College) along my parents. My daughter was very happy to see her grandparents again since we moved into the new house (although my Mom visits the house every now and then).

A Quick Update: My Macbook Experience

It's been a while since my last update and I was able to go online since I'm "renting" my cousin's Macbook. It's my first time to use a Macbook (I'm currently geeting used to the Mac OSX environment since I'm more familiar with Windows and Ubuntu environments)

My first impression on using the Macbook was a bit rocky since keyboard orientation is a bit different on Windows and Ubuntu but I was able to familiarize myself in the long run since I'm using the Macbook every now and then when I'm checking my e-mails or my Facebook account.

With this experience that I have now, I think I won't be "overwhelmed" when I get my own Macbook. For now borrowing the Macbook is one of my great experience while I adjust into our new home.

Philippine Gov't Too Focused on the Hayden Kho Sex Scandal

Katrina Halili
Okay now we all know that the the Dr. Hayden Kho Sex Scandal was a national issue but for the Senate to focus their energies on the issues it just overkill.

I sympathize with Katrina Halili for what happened to her but there are a lot of issues which the good Senate needs to address like the upcoming 2010 Elections.

I'm entitled to my opinion and this is what I have to say about the issue.

SpyMaster: A Twitter powered Social online Game

If your in Twitter and love online games (particularly Spy/Assassin Games) then this game is for you. It's called Spymaster.

You might ask what is Spymaster?

Spymaster is a social game based on Twitter, a social messaging service. Each player becomes a master of a spy ring based upon their Twitter followers list. The more people that follow you and are playing characters in Spymaster, the more powerful your network will be. As a spymaster, you can perform tasks or attack other spymasters on Twitter. With each successful attempt, you will gain virtual currency and points that allow you to grow even stronger.

New Updates on iCNSQ Tech Blog

I just recently updated my Tech Blog (iCNSQ Tech Blog) which talks about a Firefox add-on use to save Webpages into PDF and to better rendering of PDF documents onto the Firefox browser.

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