SpyMaster: A Twitter powered Social online Game

If your in Twitter and love online games (particularly Spy/Assassin Games) then this game is for you. It's called Spymaster.

You might ask what is Spymaster?

Spymaster is a social game based on Twitter, a social messaging service. Each player becomes a master of a spy ring based upon their Twitter followers list. The more people that follow you and are playing characters in Spymaster, the more powerful your network will be. As a spymaster, you can perform tasks or attack other spymasters on Twitter. With each successful attempt, you will gain virtual currency and points that allow you to grow even stronger.


wow-its-Stacey said...

This is awesome. Can you give me more instructions about the game please?

But if you, can't find time I'll try to do it by myself. the idea is awesome thank you buddy.

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