Ramblings of a BORED man

Yes you read the title right, being offline specially at home really, really BORES me because of the sheer boredom that it brings to me. It's been two days that I wasn't able to go online at home because the Wi-Fi router is being replaced.

Because of boredom, I resorted to write a blogpost just to release this boredom of mine, heck, this predicament I'm having
is also sign that it's time for me to get my own internet connection.

A colleague of mine said that he applied for SMART Post Paid Wireless USB internet for only P1,500 so that he can
surf online every where as long as there's a Smart Telecom cellsite.

While I'm writing this post, wifey is playing SIMS 3 using my cousin's Macbook laptop. The latest SIMS game might
have a great graphics YET this BORES me more than the original SIMS (with expansion) which I like better regardless of the subpar graphics. Playing god in a virtual world is no longer my computer play of choice.

Speaking of games, my new favorite computer game is called "Governor of Poker" which I previously played online thru Y8.com. All the games at Y8.com are mostly trial games on which you need to buy the full version to advance into the next
stage. This game has improved my skills on how to play No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker. Maybe I might beat Ria Jose on a game
someday (hehehe just kidding, di kita kaya talunin with your "actual" poker game experience).

This would be enough for now.. My eyes are now trying to close ...**yawn** '. I'll be back on my next blog post.

Sunday Morning Blog at Basti's Brew

Sunday morning blog was just about quality time for my family and we decided to take Basti's Brew. We ordered Chocolate and Vanilla Milkshakes, Chicken Terrazini and Bacon and Mushroom Pizza.

Desktop MEME

It's been a long time since I tinkered with my Photoshop and out of boredom, I started making to make a wallpaper for my wide-screen LCD monitor (1306 x 768) using pictures of Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and Olivia Wilde.

If you want to have want a copy of this wallpaper you can get it here

I had fun at the Digital Filipino Blogger Meetup

Digital Filipino Davao leg

Sunday Morning Blog will be about the Digital Filipino Club Conference at the Pantawan Hall of Casino Filipino (Grand Regal Hotel), Lanang , Davao City. I really had fun while socializing with fellow bloggers and meeting new friends.

After dinner, we had some games courtesy of PAGCOR and won some prizes during the raffle.

New updates about blogging, e-commerce and the ongoing Influential blogger project.

For more about the Digital Filipino Davao leg.

DigitalFilipino Club & Bloggers Networking Event

Just last year Janette Toral has spearheaded the DigitalFilipino Club and Blogger Networking Event and tonight I will be attended this years event at the Pantawan Hall, Grand Regal Hotel, Lanang, Davao City.

I would be expecting some of the usual bloggers and maybe meet some new ones :D.

I will be updating this blog tonight with some pictures.

Sunday Afternoon Blogging at Caffe Firenzo

Sunday afternoon blogging is in full force and I am now blogging at Caffe Firenzo located at Quirino Ave. beside Honeybear Chicken House and fronting the Venue.

My wife ordered Sugar-free Chocolate Marble Cake and Mango juice while I ordered Pesto and Dalandan Juice (my daughter and I shared the pesto as she really loves to each pasta foods). Wi-Fi was OK and the place is very accessible. For a detailed review of Caffe Firenzo on Blogie Robillo's Davao Deli Food Blog.
Caffe Firenzo

Sunday Afternoon Blog at Figaro (Chimes - Davao)


It's been a while since I have done a Sunday Afternoon blog since my wife gave birth to my daughter Venice. After doing some shopping, I decided that we take some merienda time at Figaro to check out the food (as well as test the Wifi of my new laptop).

I ordered Chicken Terazini and Ice Tea while my wife ordered Chocolate Torte and Chocolate Light.

More Pictures will be uploaded later on
Here are the pictures

My New Toy: Toshiba Satellite L310-S416

Toshiba Satellite L310

It's been a while since I blogged because my old desktop computer at the old house is about to retire and I really need a laptop. The time has come as I was able to purchase my very own laptop and it's a Toshiba Satellite L310-S416. With this new toy of mine, I can continue my blogging as well as tweeting and plurking (good thing the new house has WiFi and I can go online almost anywhere in the new house).

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