Why everybody should learn Ubuntu

Let's face it, the today's everyday lives now includes getting online and "netbooks" are the "in" thing today but most of these netbooks are cramping up with Windows Vista systems. Some are downgrading them to the more reliable and space friendly Windows XP yet that's not "going forward".

It't true that Ubuntu (or Linux in general) is not as apealing as Windows systems because of it "user friendly-ness" but it's just a matter of learning the new technology. The latest version of Ubuntu has already mades stride by giving Windows users a full on functional Ubuntu system within Windows by using the wubi-installation method.

This method will give the user flexibility while having the luxury of going back to Windows anytime by just restarting the system. The mean reason why I prefer Ubuntu over Windows Vista is stability, security and being virtual virus free.

So the next time you plan to buy a laptop or a "netbook" you have now have the option of choosing the most affordable system for you since Ubuntu won't be an added into the price.


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