Sunday Morning Blogging: Boxing and Google Chrome 3

This edition of Sunday Morning Blogging will be about me more about Google Chrome 3 than me watching the Marquez-Mayweather fight (although as of this writing, the ones battling are the undercards yet).

For those of you who are not aware of new features that Chrome 3 bring then here's the summarize version:

New Home/ Tab Page

The most noticeable part about Chrome 3 is the homepage. The design of the homepage has been tweaked and users can now rearrange thumbnails of most-visited websites by simple clicking and dragging gestures. Additionally, users can "pin" the thumbnails to where they are so that they are not replaced by others in due course. The homepage is also customizable now, with the user getting options to show and hide what he wants on the homepage.

Themes Support

This feature is one of my favorites because I like to match my desktop color theme with my browser. You can download themes directly from its menu.

Better HTML5 Support

The stable version of Google Chrome now supports HTML5 and will now prove to be a decent competition for Firefox 3.5, which recently added the same. HTML5 enables the browser user to natively play video encoded in the open source Ogg Theora format and Ogg Vorbis audio, which provides for manipulation and editing of video without the use of an external program. Need I say more?

It's Faster

This I really notice when I open sites like Twitzap and together. Both sites really packs up the resources because both sites use extensive Ajax scripts which Google Chrome 3 has handle perfectly.

So what are waiting for, Download Google Chrome 3 now!

Wordcamp Davao @ Villa Margarita Hotel

Last Saturday, I attended Wordcamp Davao which was held at Villa Margarita hotel (which is located at J.P. Laurel Avenue next DLPC. Although there are not much people who attended the event but we had a great time.

Wordcamp Davao 2009 was organized by the Mindanao bloggers group who where also responsible to organizing the same event last year.

Mousehunt Wallpaper

It's a special non-working holiday today but here I am at the office working ( and compensated with additional 30% to our pay for today). Out of boredom because I've been doing non-stop work for sometime that I need some time to relax then graphic designer in me kicked in without warning.

Since have been bragging on plurk that I would rather play Mousehunt on facebook than Mafia Wars or Farmtown/Farmville/"planting thing-a-maging" , I decided to design a wallpaper to pay tribute to my favorite facebook game.

Now that's what you call dedication

Registering for PayPerPost Version 4

Your lover will love you even more if you get them a pinata

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