Playstation Portable 3000

Last month, my mother ask If what should I get as pasalubong when my dad goes home from his 1 week trip in the the US. Well I've been dreaming of having my own Playstation Portable so that I can play some games on my off-time when I need to rest my laptop. So I told her PlayStation Portable 3000 and Madden NFL 10 would be my choice.

I've been itching to play Madden NFL since 2001 because I love playing American football on my PC before ( basketball is to finesse for me, no offense to all you NBA fans out there).

New Blog: Facebook Games Review

It's been a while since my last blog post because I spend most of my on work, family and going online on social media sites like Twitter, Plurk and Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, I created a new blog entitled Facebook Games Review. It's all about the games on Facebook that I play and some up coming games that I would discover. The site is fairly new and will try to update that as much as I can since I now have a several blogs to maintain.

Celebrating Birthdays of my Two closest people I love

It's been a while since I wrote an update because of work and preparations for my daughter's 2nd birthday on October 6 and today it's my wife's turn to celebrate her birthday.

During my daughter's birthday, the theme was Dora the Explorer. We hired a Dora mascot with a party host. The kids enjoyed the party with my daughter laughing in between jokes (and to think she's just turned 2).

10 Excellent and Free Desktop Blog Editors

SixRevisions has been one of my favorite destination for web development and blogging resources. Since blogging is one of my passion, I would like to share the 10 Excellent and Free Blog Editors to all my fellow bloggers out there who might wanna try these awesome tools.

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