The Photojournalism Seminar for Bloggers

Last Saturday, I attended a Photojournalism Seminar for Bloggers which was held at Riverwalk Grill at Diversion Road, Maa. The seminar was conducted by Jojie Alcantara.

The seminar was about taking photos, minor editing of photos, and using photos for your blog posts. Jojie also share some of her previous photo works to demonstrate the basics of photojournalism.

We also participated on actual photo-shooting assignments in which we are to implement what we have learned and submit our top 5 photos for an open forum critique later on.

Overall the seminar was fun and personally, it has enhanced my knowledge in Photography.

Here are my photos taken during the seminar


Patroller said...

wlay second round? gusto ta nako maka-apil ug in-ani na event..sayang wa nako na-anticipate..jeje..nice post!

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