Updating My Squidoo Lens

Check out my lensBeen a while since my last update and I think this would be great time to post an update. Just recently, I received a hefty payout from Squidoo because I am having a great significant internet traffic on my Mousehunt Guides and Tips lens. Since I was in a mood to create a "tips and guide" I decided to create another lens, this time to my other favorite Facebook game Castle Age. And as of my last check

Blogger.com has significantly improved their post editor

I have been using Blogger.com as my blogging platform for some of my blogs and I kept raving to my friend how I wish the developers could atleast improve the post editor with more formatting tools AND a post break feature (similar to Wordpress). Alas that time has arrive as the developers has now improved the post editor which now includes the much awaited post break.

First post for year 2010

This is my first post for the year 2010 for quite sometime on which I have been busy at work. And am also fortunate that I'm having a great time with my blogs which include a new Squidoo lens entitled Castle Age Tutorials and Tips which showcases some of the tips on playing Castle Age

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