NUMB3RS TV series has Finally Ended

image courtesy of CBS

I've been following Numb3rs since the very first season and I was disappointed that CBS has end it run with it's final episode last Friday. However the show ended on a very light note. Charles and Amita finally got married and possibly moving to London, and Don has found the answer to the question about his life and proposed to his long time girlfriend Robin. Well as they all say "All good things will come to end".

I will miss this show a lot and I thank Rob Morrow and David Krumholtz for giving us fans six wonderful seasons of NUMB3RS


erai said...

yeah,u r too enjoyed the show very even had a lot of impact on my life and thoughts.The show was really different.I am gonna miss it badly..

karol said...

This was a wonderful series,and I stay up until 4am to watch it,I have also rented all the DVD's.It was an amazing program,and it challenged the mind.It seems like the American public is more caught up in the "Real Housewives of New Jersey"etc.I wish they would bring it back for those of us that don't watch reality shows.

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