Sunday Evening Blog: Enjoying the Summer

It's been a while since a wrote a Sunday blog post because I always give my time to my family and usually at the end of the day, I am usually exhausted or busy preparing for work the next day. I got a free time now and decided to summarize my blog post about my summer experience with my family.

Usually when you say Summer, it usually involves beaches and outings, but in my family's case we decided that we do an "educational" tour while doing some summer stuff for my daughter since she's now 2 years old and she quite smart for her age. The previous weeks, we visited some resorts which have swimming pools like the Rancho Palos Verdes (Crocodile Park, Diversion Road, Maa, Davao City) and  the Waterfront Hotel (Lanang, Davao City).  The main purpose of the the visit was to re-acclaim our daughter to swimming as she really enjoyed going into the swimming pool. I usually accompany her since I'm the one who is the better swimmer (my wife is still learning how to swim and has reduced her role as our photographer).

Yesterday, we visited the Crocodile Park so that my daughter is exposed to the live animals. Although she's still afraid but that's natural for a child who is not really exposed and I'm confident she'll get use to it once she grows up.


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