Getting an Android Phone

I't's been a while since I have a nice mobile phone, and I am planning to get my self  a new one. I was thinking    since I already have a Apple device (iPod Touch) why not get myself an Android Phone.  A lot of my blogger friends have rave about how cool the Android OS is. I am thinking getting myself either a Samsung Galaxy or a Google Nexus One.

A Father's Prayer

Lord I'm askin' for Your help
To raise cute little daughter,
Give me strength and guide me
'Cause I know that You're the one.

That sent this angel to me
A little heaven here on earth,
For now I know my place in life...
I'm no longer who comes first.

Once I had no answer
As to why it is I'm here,
But when I looked into my baby's eyes....
It all became so clear.

This little bit of heaven
Owns me, heart and soul
And it's You that sent her to me
A greater love I'll never know.

So take these rugged hands of mine
Help me to understand,
Just what it is I need to do
To raise this little girl.

Help me build a girl that knows
It's You that holds the key,
To all that heaven holds for us
Show her Your love through me.

The A-Team Movie

"I love it when the plan comes together". These are the immortal words of George "Hannibal" Smith which was first heard during the 80's series version of the A-Team. This year the A-Team returns via a movie with Liam Neeson playing Hannibal, MMA fighter "Rampage" Jackson playing B.A Baracus. I plan to watch the movie since I wanna compare how Sharlto Copley can handle "Howling Mad" Murdock's witty antics compared to Dwight Schultz.

Geek Comedy at it's Best

I've been watching this TV series titled "Big Bang Theory" which is about two University physicists Leonard  and Sheldon got their lives shaken up when an attractive young woman named Penny moves in to the apartment across from theirs. The key to the show, though, is not that they both fall haplessly in love--Leonard does, but Sheldon remains impermeably aloof and caustic about anything resembling romance or human relationships in general. While the push and pull of Leonard's yearning for Penny motivates much of the series' ongoing plot, the show's real drive comes from Sheldon's fantastic combination of obsessive-compulsive neurosis and grandiose obliviousness.

Even my writing has become somewhat "geeky" now (hehehe). If you don't get what I mean,  here's a sample clip from the show.

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