The Hof Gorei Beach Resort Escapade

This is a late post as this happened on July 17, 2010. We visited Hof Gorei Beach Resort (located at Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal ) as part of our company's team building workshop. I won't be able to talk more about the place since I was to busy with the team building but I would say that we had a good time on that place.

Urban Rivals and Warstorm Online Trading Card Games

Online trading card games has been my favorite pass time for recent month now since I can no longer afford to go back playing in playing Magic:The Gathering might as well play games similar to it online.

Some of the games I am playing (which I play on Facebook) is Warstorm and Urban Rivals. Warstorm is very much closer to MTG in terms of the fantasy theme that it brings but unlike MTG each faction is divided between the following races: Humans, Elves, Orcs, Undead and Demons.

On the other hand Urban Rivals has a different style of play and theme from Warstorm. UR has a street fighting theme with over twenty different factions or "clans" (unlike the Warstorm which only has five). You can create a deck of eight cards from one or several clans depending on the success of the dynamics of each card similar to what we do on MTG.  Urban Rivals can be played on three seperate online venues: It can be played from the main Urban Rivals site, as the aforementioned Facebook app and in your iPhone and iPod Touch as an App.

My Very Own Food Blog

Food blogging is one of the most popular blog niche for sometime now since all of us wanna explore those sumptuous meals that we hear about from other people who where able to go to various restaurants. cafe's, bars, etc. So I decided to create my own food blog which called Foodtrip ni Cesar (or Cesar's Food trip)

This food blog of mine features mostly the resto's, cafe's, or places that serves the best foods as well as recipe's to some of my favorite menus (which some of it are from the collection of recipes my grandmother collected from magazines and newspapers). 

Castle Age Tips and Strategies

My old Castle Age tips site was also taken down (similar to my Mousehunt Tips and Strategies site) due to some sort of "Terms of Use" violation which I find really bogus. But rather than whine I took the liberty of creating a new Castle Age Tips and Strategies Site with new well written articles.

New Mousehunt Tips and Strategy Site

Just recently, my old Mousehunt Tips Squidoo site was taken down due to some violations of the site's Term of Use. So rather then keep on complaining, I just made a new and improve version of my old Squidoo Lens now title "Mousehunt Tips and Strategies" which will focus more on strategies that are based on personal experience and feedbacks from other players that are not written down on the MH wiki site or on other "guide" site.

I will be adding new tips and strategies every now and then since the game has recently undergone several updates as of late.

Sunday Morning Blog: Foodtrip bonding

It's been a while since I did a Sunday blog and today I wanna share my "foodtrip" experience at Brothers Burger at IT Park Damosa, Davao City. We were the first customers for the day and I ordered Chicken Cordon Bleu Burger (I can't really help it if there's a Chicken Cordon Bleu written on the menu), French fries (for my baby daugher) and some sodas.

All I can say is that even though the food is a bit pricey it's really worth your money.

A Warning to Squidoo Lensers

I would like to share this warning to all Squidoo lensers out there. Please check your articles for duplications as they are very strict right now and will outright "lock" your lense without notice if your lens have been found containing "duplicated or copied" content.

I have learned the hard way because I have two lenses that are locked.
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