Urban Rivals and Warstorm Online Trading Card Games

Online trading card games has been my favorite pass time for recent month now since I can no longer afford to go back playing in playing Magic:The Gathering might as well play games similar to it online.

Some of the games I am playing (which I play on Facebook) is Warstorm and Urban Rivals. Warstorm is very much closer to MTG in terms of the fantasy theme that it brings but unlike MTG each faction is divided between the following races: Humans, Elves, Orcs, Undead and Demons.

On the other hand Urban Rivals has a different style of play and theme from Warstorm. UR has a street fighting theme with over twenty different factions or "clans" (unlike the Warstorm which only has five). You can create a deck of eight cards from one or several clans depending on the success of the dynamics of each card similar to what we do on MTG.  Urban Rivals can be played on three seperate online venues: It can be played from the main Urban Rivals site, as the aforementioned Facebook app and in your iPhone and iPod Touch as an App.

If your like to play these games online, you can look me up and challenge for a game or two
By the way for those want some tips and strategies about Urban Rivals, you can visit my Squidoo Lens


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