Happy Halloween to Everyone

Today is the last day of October and it is considered Halloween day to most people and I would like to greet each and everyone Happy Halloween!. I have a very nice poll to to determine which character I have listed is the scariest of them all. Visit the Scariest Urban Rivals Characters

Sunday Afternoon Blog: The new Kasagingan

It's been a while since a did a Sunday afternoon blog on Kasagingan. What makes this special is that I am writing  this blog at the new Kasagingan which now located beside the Mongolian Barbecue restaurant (just inside the Sarung Banggi compound). The place is much nicer ambience and much bigger than the previous location. Another good thing about the new location is that the compound has a much bigger parking space which is a plus unlike the previous location.

Aside from the new location, Kasagingan now serves Blended Ice Cream Drinks like the Banana Boat, Vanilla Dream and my daughter's favorite, Strawberries and Cream. My wife ordered "Banana Ispilit" which is basically a banana split served with whip cream and a cherry on top. I on the other hand ordered the classic Crema de Carda which is a serving of two scoops of Vanilla ice cream with some chocolate syrup and Jackfruit strips and two Toron sticks. 

If  you haven't been to Kasagingan as of late, try visiting their new location which still along F. Torres St. but inside the Sarung Banggi compound just beside the Mongolian barbecue restaurant.

First post for October 2010

It's the second "-ber" month and it's the month on which other countries celebrate the annual festivals and holidays like the Oktoberfest in Europe and the Halloween season in the United States.

Personally, October is the month to which two important people in my life will be celebrating this respective birthdays (actually one already happened on October 6 which is my daughter's 3rd birthday, the other is will be on the 13th which is my wife's birthday). Aside from the birthday celebrations, I have expanded some of my online works by adding more writing projects on Squidoo as well updating some of my blogs.

Here are the list of the blogs that I added and recently updated

Urban Rivals Guide and Tip blog - new
Crime Scene TV - new
Facebook Games Review - updated
Visual CNSQ blog (Photoblog)  - redesigned and updated

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