2010 Year-End Rambling

The year 2010 has been up and down year as a blogger for me as I got more focused on updating my Twitter and other things that can be done on my iDevice. But nonetheless I still manage to write a blog when I get some free time (and an urge/inspiration to write a blog) either through the said iDevice or on my laptop (which ever I am comfortable).

Focusing on work has paid dividends as I get a very good rating on performance evaluation from the top admins even though this will also take some of my time off blogging. Since I can only use my laptop during the break time at work. I decided to write the drafts of my blogs on my notes application of my application to which I will post during the break or before I get home.

As of late, I am also fond of listening to podcasts more than my musical playlists. I regularly download episodes of podcast shows like Filmsack and Appslappy as they give reviews to old movies and iDevice applications respectively. I am also excited that DJ Mo Twister will be back on the podcast scene probably to do a more improve "Good times with Mo" podcast which I would hope will include his co-host on the Good Times morning show.

Aside from work, parenting, blogging, social networking and games, I might give reading a try again and I will try to reconnect myself with the Dragonlance books (to which I finished reading the Chronicles and the Legends series and will proceed on with the next series of the chronogical timeline after which will read the prelude series ). I will also probably do some reading on the Shadowrun series as well as classic Sherlock Holmes series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Watching TV series will also continues on to next year since most of my favorite TV shows are still showing new episodes (to which I will updating my Crime scene TV series blog).

That will be it for now. Up next will be my first blog post for the New Year.


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