December to Remember: My First post for this month

It's almost a month since my last update and a lot has happened since then but I got sidetrack as always with work but manage to update my daily rambling via twitter. I also have been pre-occupied with some of the applications on my iOS device that I almost neglect to use my laptop which is almost relegated to downloading my favorite TV series via torrent (I know it's wrong but if the US networks opens up their TV shows to the world, we won't be resorting into this kind of endeavour), good thing almost all the thing that you can do on computer or laptop can now be done on a small mobile device. 

Yes times flies so fast to the point that I'm still stuck on using my old Sony Ericcson mobile phone and I have been dreaming of getting a Samsung Galaxy S with Android OS 2.3. Call me a tech geek but how I live my life. I have most of the gadgets on wishlist: a laptop, an iPod Touch, a dSLR camera (although the additional lenses and external flash will be added later on but these are not a priority) to which I can showcase some of my photography skills.   

As of late I've been doing some resto/bar/cafe trips on my spare times for my Food blog and my Foursquare and Gowalla social networks. Speaking of social network, Facebook is also one reason why I wasn't able to blog but "hey, everybody is doing it, so why can't I do it". Games like Mousehunt, Urban Rivals and just recently Eredan took most of the time (damn this trading card games, it goes to show I haven't got over with Magic the Gathering) than adding friends.

Oh well that would be it for now. I would hope to do an update for weeks to come because another special day is fast approaching and I'm not talking about Christmas ;) 

And by the way, I would like to greet my dear grandfather Eduardo Sr. a very Happy Birthday (December 17) even though you are gone, your spirit, guidance and the good memories will always be with me. 


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